Thursday, February 7, 2013

Was Allen West Robbed? Support True The Vote's Unprecedented Lawsuit

For all who know Allen West was robbed in cold blood of his House seat, True The Vote has filed a private lawsuit (first of its kind in history) to examine the results and reveal the massive voter fraud that took place (we also know for a fact that Obama funneled millions to Murphy's campaign to defeat Allen West). Here's a Fieldworks (ACORN's new face) staffer in Colorado admitting all their money went to defeat Allen West in Florida, "They want that guy out," he says:

Why would Obama care so much to defeat West? Because West is a true conservative war hero who also happens to be Black - Obama doesn't like competition, especially from a brother he can't play the race card on. I just donated to their legal fund. If you want the truth, you should do the same. Of course, if True The Vote is successful, it will call Obama's results into question as well. Was Mitt Romney robbed? It is my belief that he was. American's don't vote for Marxists:


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