Friday, February 8, 2013

Dr. Benjamin Carson Kindly Slams Obama In Obama's Presence MUST SEE SPEECH!

This speech by Dr. Benjamin Carson, in the presence of Obama, is the greatest speech I have heard in a long time. Watch Obama's face as he admires this man before him, who is everything Obama is NOT - a no-excuse, hard-working, poverty-refined Black conservative man of principle. God bless Dr. Carson for slamming Obama and his political correctness right in Obama's presence. I have a feeling Dr. Carson will be blacklisted from Presidential events moving forward. Watch the speech and share it with everyone you know:


  1. This was one of the best ever! I have watched it 5 times. I kept my eye on obama in 4 of them.That body language showed a lot. He picked at his eyes 4 times, tried to prop up his arm and it kept sliding. Dr Carson is successful,a highly respected doctor, succesful writer and humanatarin. Blacked Listed? Not on your life.The truth sets you free.

  2. I went bac and read the article again - Blacklisssted from Presidential events in the future. That would probably be OK with Dr. Carson, The parking would be a nightmare and he has busy schedules and needs to get to bed early.

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