Saturday, October 27, 2012

Racist Test On A Six-Year-Old: FAIL

Someone posted on my Facebook timeline today a picture which, in essence, carried on the tune "The Republican Party is a party full of Racists." Of course, this fable has been told for quite some time, but most especially in the months immediately preceding the election of Barack Obama and dramatically increasing during the last for years of his presidency. How ironic, the Republican Party, the Party solely responsible for freeing Blacks from slavery, has now become the target of the "Racist" label. I am so tired of hearing this fallacy perpetuated by all those who cannot defend Obama with his record, but instead have to invent divisive substitutes to protect their candidate. The easiest card to play is the race card. Of course, Obama plays the race card all the time, so why should we think his supporters would be any different?

At any rate, I got to thinking. Children (of which I have 3) are innocent, brutally sincere, and have no grasp of "politics". What if I filtered a video of Obama through the innocent mind of my oldest daughter, Bailey (who just turned six), and asked her if she thought he was telling the truth? Then, after her response, I would show her a video of Alan Keyes and ask her the same thing: "Do you think he's telling the truth?" After repeating this test on a video of Allen West, I would finally show her a video of Mitt Romney. For the sake of some Obama supporters, who are so ignorant they don't know the Race of the two presidential candidates, I will make the following clarification: Barack Obama, Alan Keyes, and Allen West are all Black; Mitt Romney is White. Got it?

The results of my test will not be surprising to anyone who doesn't buy the race card.

The first video I showed my daughter, Bailey, was this debate between Obama and Keyes from 2008:

Within only moments of hearing Obama speak, my daughter shook her head "no" to indicate he wasn't telling the truth. When I asked her why she thought he wasn't telling the truth, she said, "Because he's not a good man." My daughter has seen Obama speak a lot because we have watched the debates in our home, but the real first test would be when she saw Alan Keyes, because she has never heard him speak before. Within moments of Alan Keyes' rebuttal against Barack Obama, my daughter indicated that she felt like he was speaking the truth. When I asked her why, she said, "He is a good man." The last Black Statesman I showed Bailey was Allen West, as seen in the video below, which was not taken from a debate. This time I told Bailey to listen for a little while longer and tell me as soon as she knew if he was telling the truth. As with Alan Keyes, this was the first time my daughter had seen Allen West speak:

Bailey watched for about 15 seconds and indicated, resolutely, she felt like he was telling the truth. When I asked her why she felt that way, in her adorable good nature, she thoughtfully replied, "I know he's telling the truth because... because... when he talks I know that he is a good man." I confess, I nearly cried a little at this response, but I pulled it together and showed her the last video of Governor Mitt Romney below:

Well, as you can imagine, she immediately said he was telling the truth and followed with her declaration, "He is a good man." In the words of a six year old, we have a clear choice in less 10 short days. We can vote the Liar in for another four years, or we can vote for a good man who is telling the truth about the only way to fix our sinking nation.

"There is no AMERICAN future, without a Romney Presidency." - me ;)


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Obama: "If You Don't Have A Record To Run On, Then You Paint Your Opponent As Someone People Should Run From"

Since the first presidential debate last Wednesday, or shall we say the "Romney debate" (since Romney was the only one present), I've been breathing the same huge sigh of hope and relief. For the first time since Obama was elected, I felt overcome with joy, peace, hope, excitement, and belief that our nation would be able to heal from the disaster of our current administration. These feelings came while I watched a man, more prepared than anyone I have seen run for president in my lifetime, literally command the pace of the debate. Mitt Romney will be our next president, if we are so blessed: A president who actually has a budget; a president who actually understands how numbers work; a president who has already created thousands of private sector jobs; and finally, a president who is actually enamored with and taken in the greatness of America, instead of a president who "look(s) like he’d prefer to be somewhere else.

The following YouTube comment was posted today on one of my Romney ads and it made me laugh because it's exactly how the whole country feels, including liberals, who were constrained to admit, Romney won the debate handedly:
"Romney crushed Obama at the debate. I don't think i've ever seen such a thumping on TV and I watch MMA." - YouTube user: bcimnotu 11 hours ago

Now, as you ponder how Obama, his campaign, and everyone who still blindly follows him have reacted, since Obama spent most of his podium time at the debate looking down, consider this wise statement by Socrates:
"When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser." - Socrates
The following video is the best I have seen that shows how Obama has slandered his opponent Mitt Romney. Obama's lies are presented one by one and factually refuted one by one; all in a manner of 2 minutes. The video ends with the self-condemning words from Obama's own mouth:
"If you don't have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from." - Obama

This video must be seen by all the world, but most especially, it must be seen by the voting citizens of America. Obama has lied to our country; he has lied to the Black and minority communities especially; he has lied to the world; and he has lied to himself.  His slanderous deceptions about Mitt Romney were shamefully obvious when more than 70 million people across the world (the most since the Reagan/Carter debates) saw a very presidential, very knowledgeable, masterfully prepared, and kind man making a whole lot of sense last Wednesday. It's no wonder that Obama could not even square his shoulders to Romney, fearfully avoided eye contact, and looked desperately at the moderator to save him. Mitt Romney knew more about Obama's presidency than Obama seemed to know himself. Mitt was fantastically refined; he included recognized citations for almost every statistic he mentioned, he mentioned people by name, he was aggressive, he was as focused as a laser beam, and he did it all respectfully to a president undeserving of such. The debate was, for Obama, a shamefully historic embarrassment. By the way, the 70+ million viewers only include the live viewers of the debate. The debate has been posted in its entirety on YouTube, courtesy of The New York Times and it has already amassed nearly 4.2 million views. Watch it below, remember the Reagan/Carter debates, and be inspired:

Obama is against the ropes. Let's finish the job on November 6th. God Save The USA and God Bless Mitt and Ann Romney.