Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama Sues Gallup Over Poll Favoring Romney: Reminiscent Of "The Godfather"

Of all of the unquestionable indicators that our government is being run by an unprincipled Chicago gangster, this tops the list. David Axelrod demands Gallup send a representative to the White House to discuss what Axelrod called "outdated methodology" simply because Gallup listed Romney in the lead by 5 points. When Gallup offered to receive a representative from the White House, as an alternative, to discuss the "issue" Obama and the Department of Justice sued Gallup over their polling! Keep in mind, all of these law suits initiated by Obama (voter I.D. laws, illegal immigration, and now this) have all been paid for by US - the American tax payers!

Look, we already know Obama has taken over the media, but this incident is an entirely new level of mafia intimidation and thuggery. All Americans should be outraged at this wild display of Hitleristic oppression and dictatorial censorship. How can we rely on the Gallup polls now that they are threatened with possible criminal charges from the entire U.S. government if they don't favor Obama? Dick Morris explains this outrageous act in detail; watch his video below and share this post with everyone you possibly can:


  1. I like your point, but I wish you hadn't made a reference to an R-rated film. It almost negates your creditbility. I hope that when Romney gets the presidency he can clean up Hollywood as well. GO MITT!

    1. Wickedness will immediately begin to diminish once Romney takes the helm of this country and returns it to the people. Attitude reflects leadership and Obama's leadership has caused more wickedness than perhaps any previous President we have had. There is no American future without a Romney Presidency.

      That said, not everyone is Mormon and, like Mitt's candidacy for President, this blog is not written to appeal to only Mormons, therefore a reference to an "R-rated" film is entirely appropriate, especially when the film is being compared to Obama's Presidency, which itself is an R-rated Presidency if it were to receive a rating; or an F, like the grads he got at Columbia. Thanks for your comment.


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