Saturday, September 15, 2012

MUST SEE VIDEOS: Glenn Beck Unearths Never-Before-Told Stories About Romney’s Impeccable Character

I can just hear the Obama regime now, "What the hell (yes, they would really say 'hell', I get there campaign emails - I know) are we going to say about this?". I have an idea of how the ObaHitler regime will spin this; they will try and make Romney out as a pompous goody-goody who brags about himself - that is what Ted Kennedy tried to do when he ran against Romney (Ted had to mortgage his house to beat him!). Regardless of how the Obama regime "spins" this, these stories will NOT go away and they will grow in exposure exponentially across this nation, because they are true and because Romney really is the George Washington we have been waiting for. You may not agree with all of Romney's policies, but you cannot deny his character is above reproach and that is exactly what America needs - a man of impeccably good character.

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There is no American future without a Romney Presidency!


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