Friday, September 14, 2012

"Hispanics Are Stupid" Subtext Of Obama's New Spanish Ad

And the puke of the day goes to... ? The new Spanish Obama ad. Let me translate this for you, because I speak Español:

"Let's speak clearly. When President Obama arrived in power ('arrived in power'? don't you mean 'got elected'? Everything about Obama has to do with 'power'), our economy was on the border of disaster. Hundreds of thousands lost their jobs each month. The decisions of the last Republican President were disastrous. Obama stopped the crisis and we are already recovering. And now, Romney and Ryan are asking us to return to the politics that CREATED the crisis. Go backwards? No way. Forward with President Obama." - Cristina Saralegui

As one who served the Hispanic people of El Salvador and lived among them for 2 years, this ad really makes me sick. I posted the following on my personal facebook page (my disgust is evident):
"Did anyone else catch the 'I'm talking to dumb people' attitude behind this ad? Seriously, how dumb does Obama think we are, particularly the Hispanic population of this country, to believe that we are 'already recovering' or that Obama 'stopped the crisis'? This ad is INSULTING to Hispanics and all Americans. Obama is seriously in his own world and it's not a world that belongs in America. Nearly four years of this reprobate President and he is STILL blaming others. Note to Dummy-In-Chief: After 3 1/2 years YOU CAN'T BLAME OTHERS FOR YOUR FAILURES ANYMORE MORON! And he has the audacity to DISHONOR OUR MINDS by LYING TO OUR FACES that we are better off than we were 4 years ago. JOIN ME and fire this heathen in November once and for all! LIKE if you are with me! LIKE if you are an AMERICAN!"
So, who is Cristina Saralegui anyway? A Cuban who fled Cuba to escape Communism; and she supports... wait for it - OBAMA?? One of the comments on my facebook thread, left by a legal immigrant from Cuba (who's family fled Fidel Castro in the 60's), gives a beautiful exposé of sellout, Saralengui:
"You have to understand that most of Hispanics (not all) have limited education. The philosophy of the Democrats is to keep them 'stupid', 'uneducated', and 'dependent' on entitlements so they can control them. Any person with 2 ounces of neurons would know that. Cristina Saralegui is a gutless, spineless, scum-of-the-earth Cuban who fled Cuba because of Communism and now has turned and become the Poster Child for Hispanics for Obama.
She is a total disgrace and is not representing the 'educated' Hispanics that came to the US for political reasons. 
This is the letter I put on her facebook page and also sent to the Miami Herald: 
'How could someone who fled a Communist country in search of freedom support the ideological ideas of someone like Obama? Call it Communism, Socialism, or Progressivism - it's COMMUNISM. Did we not learn anything from Cuba???
How sad to see people like you and the Estefan's supporting Obama. As Cubans, you left Cuba because you didn’t agree with Communism. Both of you did so much good in the Hispanic community and to now see the radical change that has resulted is not only disheartening but disgusting.
Gloria's father must be turning in his grave watching his daughter support Obama. He fought in the Bay of Pigs and gave his life for the freedom of Cuba.
Is Cristina looking to become "The Cuban Oprah"? She doesn’t have a TV show anymore. Univision fired her and Telemundo canceled her show. She probably thinks Obama is going to give her a position in his administration - the truth." - Oti, an immigrant from Communist Cuba
The best news you will hear all day is we can do something about Liar-In-Chief; we can fire him. As Clint Eastwood said, "We own this country... and when somebody does not do the job, we gotta let him go.":

Obama has no merits on which to ask for another term and we have a tremendous leader running against him. Mitt Romney actually has a plan, unlike Obama, who can't even put together a budget - no wonder he has buried this country in $16 trillion of debt. Mitt Romney has a plan to create 12 million new jobs and he will do it. Romney has a plan to balance the budget and he will do it; he will repeal Obamacare and he will restore this nation to greatness. Why should we have any doubts about what Romney will do? He's already done what he is is committing to do as President, when he resurrected the Olympics from scandalous financial ruin and and when he rescued a bankrupt Massachusetts (without a Governor's salary). No guessing needed. It's a no-brainer. The choice could not be clearer: Financial Collapse Under Obama vs. Financial Recovery Under Romney.

It's time to give a brilliant financier a chance to restore this nation to prosperity. I know the Romney's and Mitt WILL save this nation if we wake up and give him our vote in November. Hispanics, RISE UP and don't vote for a President who speaks to you in this way. All Americans, RISE UP and retire Fraud-In-Chief this November.


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