Friday, September 7, 2012

August Jobs Report: Hitleristic Media Protects Obama Again!

I received "breaking" news from ABC in my inbox this morning:
"US Employers Added 96,000 Jobs in August; Unemployment Falls to 8.1 Pct [8:30 a.m. ET]"
Wow! That sounds fantastic. Obama is really turning this economy around. WRONG! I am sick to my stomach at the propaganda mainstream media is feeding the citizens of this country. Mark my words, September will also be a manipulated jobs report, twisted to give the false perception of economic recovery under Obama. Any coincidence, we vote for our next President in November?!

Here are the real numbers. The reason unemployment fell at all is only because the labor participation rate (how many people leave the workforce or stop looking for jobs entirely) fell to a 30 year low at 63.5%. Not only that but the Department of Labor featured revisions in this report for June and July showing the economy created 41,000 fewer jobs than had been originally stated for those months. In other words, they admitted to inflating job growth numbers in the last two reports. Americans should be furious about this gross manipulation of numbers to protect the worst President in the historty of the United States! Watch the true report below:

 Jon Voight called it; Mainstream media has been taken over by the Obama administration:

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  1. I couldn't watch the convention talks last night. I knew it was going to be lies anyway. So upsetting!


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