Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romney vs. Obama On Campaign Finances: No Romney Debt vs. $2.4M Obama Debt

I came across Wikipedia's page "Fundraising for the 2012 United States presidential election" today and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Only two candidates have operated entirely debt free: Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Now, contrast this with Barack Obama, who (in Q2) overspent campaign funds by by nearly $6.6 million. The Obama campaign, in Q2, raised $110,759,403.51 but they spent $117,318,858.33. The Obama campaign also carried $2,388,103.70 in debt at the end of Q2.

The Romney campaign has never been in debt and has never over spent. In fact, they under spent by nearly $1.3 Million in Q2. As a film producer with a reputation for never going over budget, I can appreciate Romney's financial prudence. If I went over budget on my projects, I would not be hired again. Is this not what we should demand of the President of the United States? Why is it any different? Why should we hire a man who has gone over budget by more than 6 TRILLION DOLLARS? If Obama stays in office, it is estimated, by 2022, the US national debt will reach $26 Trillion. Obama's destruction on America in the form of fiscal insanity must stop this November. The reality of this prospect increases each month, as the Romney campaign continues to massively out fund the Obama campaign.

July Fundraising 2012
Romney campaign: $101M
Obama campaign: $75M

June Fundraising 2012
Romney campaign: $106.1M
Obama campaign: $71M

May Fundraising 2012
Romney campaign: $77M
Obama campaign: $60M

Finally, although August totals are not yet known, the Romney/Ryan "Comeback Team" raised over $10M in the first week since Ryan's appointment as VP, so expect the Romney/Ryan campaign to widen the fundraising gap even more come end of this month.


  1. It seems so logical that all would want to vote for Romney...He will be a great President!

    1. Liberals have no interest in unbroken logic; they only have interest in deception, manipulation of truth, and agenda pushing. That is why you cannot have a "logical" conversation with them ;)


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