Sunday, August 12, 2012

Obama: The No Budget President Falters Further With Ryan Budget Attacks

Paul Ryan, VP Choice
Only one day after Paul Ryan is selected as Mitt Romney's VP, the Obama campaign unleashes a vicious attack of lies against him, seeking to define Ryan before the Romney campaign can. This is classic Obama/Axelrod - ATTACK and put your opponent in constant defense mode; all the while distracting the American populous of the real facts of your own real scandals. Hmmm, let's take a walk in history and see who else had this attack strategy:
"Strength lies not in defense but in attack." -Adolf Hitler
Maybe this is why Obama is attacking Romney's unreleased tax returns and inventing scandals that don't even exist, while spending millions concealing his own college records at Columbia, which undoubtedly would show he attended on tax payers' dime as a foreign exchange student (non-US citizen). In other words, he exploited his foreign status (because it served him at the time) in order to freeload on the American tax-paying citizens. Then Mr. Fraud-In-Chief simply sweeps these college records under the rug because his "foreign exchange" status, which served him so well to freeload, would now render him ineligible to serve as President. But, no matter, Mitt still has not released his last 50 years of tax returns so he's the bad guy! Watch former Obama classmate, Wayne Allyn Root, who doesn't even remember Obama (or Barry Soetoro), call Obama's scandal out at Columbia:

FACT: Obama still does not have a 2013 budget, nor does he have a 2012 approved budget.

Obama's 2013 budget proposal was defeated, 414-0! Not a single Republican OR Democrat voted in favor of Obama's excuse for a budget and his incompetence with frivolous spending.

What's worse, this rejection of Obama's 2013 budget comes after Obama's 2012 budget was also defeated unanimously, 97-0!

Now, Obama, the most fiscally incompetent President in recorded history, has the audacity to attack Paul Ryan's budget. Were it not so serious, it would be laughable. I don't know about you, but I cannot stand to listen to one more of Obama's bold-face lies.

Watch Ryan systimatically destroy Obama on how his health care bill is a fiscal ponzi scheme. PS... this video has exploded viral since the announcement of Ryan as Mitt's running mate; only a week ago, this video had a mere 30,000 views (now at 730,000 and counting):

Still think Ryan isn't good with numbers? The best part is Obama's face as he sweats bullets listening. And to quote from Mr. Ryan:
"I'll respectfully disagree with the Vice President about what the American people are or are not saying or whether we're qualified to speak on their behalf... We are all representatives of the American people... and I've gotta tell ya, the American people are engaged and if you think they want a government takeover of health care I would respectfully submit, you're not listening to them."
Down with irresponsible Spender-In-Chief this November and let's make the Romney/Ryan Victory Come Back Team, a team that actually understands the real world and how numbers work, the fiscal salvation of America.

I end with another message from Paul Ryan on how, for political gain, Obama and his regime ignored the prevention of the most preventable financial collapse in history - our current recession:

Romney/Ryan 2013!

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