Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Formerly "Gay" Professor Speaks: Children Of Same-Sex Couples Are NOT "Just fine"

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Robert Oscar Lopez is a formerly "gay" and also formerly "bi-sexual" man, who grew up in a household with two "lesbian" mothers. Robert is now straight, married with children, and a Conservative English professor at California State University Northridge. He's been through a difficult journey to say the least. His experience is honest and awakening to the decisions that face this nation (the United States of America), and the agendas currently being forced upon Americans from the judicial bench. The homosexual activists are trying to silence Robert, as they have all ex-"gays" who have spoken up. Most poignant to me was what Lopez said about how he has been treated by "gay" activists, which experience has been the same for all of my personal, ex-"gay" friends, who have denounced the "gay" lifestyle. Robert defends Mark Regnerus' revealing study, showing the negative affects of same-sex parents on their children. Robert is uniquely qualified to defend such a study, obviously, because he grew up in such a home. Yet, he, as well as Mark, are being squashed by liberal media seeking to discredit Mark's study as "bull$%#$" (isn't this just how "gay" activists act - all the time; so kind, so tolerant?). Here are some excerpts from Robert's discourse:
"Though I have a biography particularly relevant to gay issues, the first person who contacted me to thank me for sharing my perspective on LGBT issues was Mark Regnerus, in an email dated July 17, 2012. I was not part of his massive survey, but he noticed a comment I’d left on a website about it and took the initiative to begin an email correspondence. Forty-one years I’d lived, and nobody—least of all gay activists—had wanted me to speak honestly about the complicated gay threads of my life. If for no other reason than this, Mark Regnerus deserves tremendous credit—and the gay community ought to be crediting him rather than trying to silence him."
"...we do have a choice to live as gay or straight, and we do have to decide the gender configuration of the household in which our children will grow up. (original emphasis)"
And here is where nearly all "gay" activists miss the boat. It is not about OUR rights to marry whom we choose; it is about the children's rights to have a father and a mother. Spoken so well by Lopez here:
"Once I was a father, I put aside my own homosexual past and vowed never to divorce my wife or take up with another person, male or female, before I died. I chose that commitment in order to protect my children from dealing with harmful drama, even as they grow up to be adults. When you are a parent, ethical questions revolve around your children and you put away your self-interest . . . forever. (emphasis added)"
Please READ THE ENTIRE DISCOURSE HERE and please share it. The world, particularly Americans, deserve to know the truth about the lie of homosexuality.

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  1. I seriously doubt if anyone is trying to silence Mr. Lopez. Pressures from society both good and bad effect every person - there are many many reasons he could have thought he was Gay or Bisexual. And there is a lot of pressure to conform. There are many Ex Gay stories of people who thought they were "cured" only to find they really had same sex attractions. Human sexuality is extremely complicated so I have to see a lot of data, not just one anecdotal story by Mr. Lopez. For example there are many single parents and hetero parents who do a HORRIBLE job at parenting. There are tons of them! But the main point of my comment is that there have been many many analyses of the Regnerus study that have easily invalidated its conclusions and most of these are definitely not LGBT biased evaluators. You discredit this site by asserting that is a legitimate study.


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