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Actor/Director, Darin Southam, Endorses Mitt Romney for President

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On August 6th, Actor/Director Darin Southam tweeted:
"With the endorsements of Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall, and Jon Voight, I add my own endorsement of Mitt Romney for President of the United States. As a tender family man and an astute job creator, Romney is exactly what our country needs. LIKE if you join me!"
In July, Barack Obama seethed one of the most offensive comments a President of the United States has ever made. By now, we all know what he said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Someone else made that happen." His comments are not surprising if you consider the fact that the number of Americans on government assistance (not including Social Security, or Medicare) has doubled under Obama's excuse for a presidency. According to Dick Morris, 1/3 of the country is receiving government assistance. That's over 100,000,000 people on welfare! To add insult (catastrophic damage) to injury, Obama just quietly removed the work requirement from the Welfare Act, which will inevitably cause the government dependency surge to continue spiking upward. Angry yet? If you want to destroy America, you don't declare to the country your intentions... no, no, a master manipulator - Obama - masks his intentions behind the facade of assisting the poor (itself a noble endeavor). Thus, appealing to our decency, Obama simultaneously buries our country in morally-crippling, fiscally unsustainable entitlements. Now, watch Obama's comments in context (it really is as bad as it sounds):

The Romney campaign immediately... well... capitalized on this offense to all Americans, particularly small business owners, and started a "Built by US" YouTube campaign. This "Built by US" campaign invites small business owners across the country to submit their response to Obama's degrading statement. The campaign has been very successful.

For those interested in following Darin Southam's career, see his work here. Additionally, you can read his bio on the Internet Movie Database:
Darin is the youngest of 5 siblings. Born in the small town of Vernal, Utah April 17th, 1979, he has cowboy roots; but his late father was a pilot and consequently the family moved around a lot. A week after Darin's 17th birthday, his father died of a heart attack at 50 years old. As the last child in the home, at 17, Darin became the man of the house. Most of Darin's childhood and adolescence occurred in Vancouver, Washington. After graduating from Mountain View high school he moved to Idaho to attend Brigham Young University. Southam's athleticism usually got the best of him, playing full-contact football since he was 11 years old. He walked on the football team at BYU and received "Running Back of the Week" award his first week on the team, in addition to holding the lateral movement speed record for 1997. After his first year of college, he moved to El Salvador for two years, while he served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Upon returning to the United States, he finished school at the University of Utah, where he graduated with a BA in Speech Communication.
Darin's affinity for acting started in Jr. High when he took a drama class and was cast as the lead in his first play. Southam continued to act in plays until he sought out his first agent when he was 22. Less than 6 months after obtaining an agent he booked his first principle role as the football jock, Yardely, in the Disney film "Going To The Mat,". He's seen as the bully who pins Fly (Khleo Thomas; Holes) against the locker for wearing a varsity letterman's jacket. The following year, Darin booked his next principle role in another Disney film "Halloweentown High," as the Troublemaker. This "type" cast of his previous Disney film involved playing a disruptive student who gets an eyeful after sassing Aggie Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds; Singin' in the Rain) and later he bullies Ethan (Lucas Grabeel; High School Musical). The following year, Southam read for the role of Wylie in the Disney film "Buffalo Dreams" and had the director all but convinced until he was asked his age (being 25 at the time). Though his real age influenced the director's decision not to cast him as a teenager, Darin booked a lead role as a 19 year old four years later in "One Man's Treasure". Eventually, Darin broke out of his Disney type cast and showed his ability to carry a film when he took a lead role as King Alfred in "The Saxon Chronicles," a festival circuit indie film that never made it to distribution. Southam then landed the lead role of Jeremy Harris in Discovery Channel's number one series at the time, "I Shouldn't Be Alive" following which he starred in "Gold Is Not Enough," an award-winning short film he co-wrote, where he played a spoof James Bond, who saves a Damsel in Distress (Emily Dunn; Napoleon Dynamite).
In spite of his success in film, Darin followed the more traditional path and moved his family to California to pursue a law degree. To his chagrin, his passions for film were, in his words, "nobly insatiable," and, while in California, he booked a role in Academy Award Nominated "127 Hours" as Zach, brother-in-law to Aron Ralston (James Franco; Spiderman). Although the role in "127 Hours" turned out to be smaller than anticipated, as the entire wedding scene was cut from the final edit, in Darin's words, it "brought (him) home to his true passion and set (him) back on course". He withdrew from law school to study acting at Playhouse West in North Hollywood. This, he says, "changed (his) acting career forever." Darin's latest lead roles include Marcus in "Last Man(s) On Earth," Tom in "Changing Hearts," and it was recently announced that he will be starring in T.C. Christensen's (Forever Strong; The Jerk Theory) next film as Ephraim Hanks, a mountain man hero (circa 1856), who saved a group of Mormon pioneers from frostbite and starvation near present-day Casper, Wyoming. Incidentally, Darin's role as Ephraim will demonstrate an age range of 16 to 30.
Director Kenlon Clark, aka KenX, has referred to Darin as "the Mormon Russell Crowe".
With a reputation as an extremely dedicated, semi-method actor (Darin has been known to travel 460 miles on a 250cc motorcycle to connect with a character), he consistently builds life-long industry relationships. Known personally to be a man of principle, Southam admires and stands with notable actors Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, and others who have championed conservative influence in Hollywood.
In addition to acting, Darin has directed commercials and short films for Adobe and other companies, with the goal to direct his first worldwide feature before he is 35.


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