Thursday, August 30, 2012

Actor Jon Voight smacks down reporter: "Obama has taken over media"

This is why I love Jon Voight. He is absolutely fearless, among the den of lions that is Hollywood liberalism:
"You will not get information in the main media. Romney gives a speech in Jerusalem; a very important speech; a terrific speech. It was not reported in the main press. They didn't show it. Any little thing that Obama does, they put it front and center. If he (Obama) makes a mistake they cut it out... The Republican party is the victim of a destructive bias from the left media... the left is a destructive force in the world and its allies are destructive. When I say the left; what they're experiencing all over Europe - it's dangerous! The left-wing press is spreading propaganda continuously... The media has been overtaken by this (Obama) administration, in no less a way than Hugo Chavez took over the press in Venezuela. I never thought I would live to see the day, the mainstream media refused to cover this (Republican National) Convention. Can you imagine this? They say, 'We'll give you an hour', they'll edit an hour. What are they going to edit out? What story are they gonna tell? It will be the same garbage and they'll try and twist it into something unpleasant."
Watch the whole video below. It's invigorating:

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