Saturday, August 4, 2012

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Homosexual Activists' Example Turns People Away

Yesterday, I had to "unfriend" someone on facebook. I always have a hard time with this, and it isn't something I do very hastily. I try very hard to have a diverse group of friends, who vary in social and political opinions. I do this to avoid falling into the tendency of surrounding myself with people who agree with me, to the exclusion of those who do not. I find, those who isolate themselves in this way, often have a very false sense of reality. I never want to be accused of "living in a bubble," because I am conservative. In all of my political and social activism, I have learned tolerance for people's expressions of opinion. I am forgiving, to a fault, and am very slow to take offense.

The person I unfriended yesterday happens to consider himself "gay", and as you can imagine, because I support marriage as God defined it, we don't agree on some issues. I had posted my previous blog, "Christian Censorship NOT Accepted: Chick-fil-A and America Win Big" on my facebook wall and my former friend commented:
"Losing millions of customers forever is not winning big. Stupid business move to throw away any customers... Oh, and just so you know, Im gay and a CHRISTIAN!... history of companies that take a public stance like this, the majority have paid the price for it."
Before my analysis could even begin to start firing I was dumbfounded by the absolute denial of truth, by suggesting Chick-fil-A is somehow suffering financially because of Cathy's fearless (personal) defense of the Biblical definition of marriage. Chick-fil-A broke a world record for restaurant sales and took in over $100 million in a single day this Wednesday; they could probably afford to take the rest of the year off! And, for those who haven't been following Chick-fil-A's facebook fan count, they have been growing at a rate of over 4000 new fans a day, since the Chicago boycott issue got national attention in July. As I write, Chick-fil-A is approaching 6.2 million facebook fans. To allege Chick-fil-A is hurting financially, or to hint they will suffer monetarily in the future because of a public stance their President has personally taken, is a gross manipulation of facts and a dishonor to the sound mind. Contrast Chick-fil-A's experience with that of Starbucks, which has suffered an 11% drop in stock since proclaiming a company-wide declaration in support of "redefining" marriage. Oh, and don't forget, 32 states have actually voted on ballot to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. I am so tired of the lie that "surveys say the majority of Americans favor same-sex marriage," when 64% of our states have already voted and spoken (4 of which have voted during President Obama's excuse for a Presidency).

I am also at a loss to comprehend the second portion of my former friend's comment; the completely contradictory statement that someone is both "gay" and "Christian." A Christian, by definition, is a disciple or a follower of Jesus Christ--one who seeks to emulate Him. As blasphemous as it may sound, this is not the first time I have heard someone profess allegiance to Jehovah while denying Him for homosexuality. It seems to be a growing trend that one can "serve two masters"; that one can have the blessings of discipleship while maintaining a summer home in Babylon. To be fair (yes, I have gay friends), I understand, if someone struggles with same-sex attraction (and professes to be "gay"), but is not acting on those attractions may very well be a follower of our Savior Jesus Christ. I also believe someone who practices homosexuality regrettably, who wants to change but doesn't know how or where to start, may also be a follower of Christ in their heart. Perhaps, even someone involved in homosexuality ignorantly may have desires to follow Christ. However, someone who professes covenants of Christianity while, without remorse, engaging in "vile affections" is in a state of confusion; and "God is not the author of confusion." What adds more to this confusion, is the fact that this gentleman, my former friend, was a Romney supporter. Romney supports a federal marriage amendment, defining marriage as between a man and a woman, and, unlike Obama (puke), Mitt Romney will actually fulfill his constructional oath to defend the "Defense of Marriage Act" when he is President.

In spite of my former friend's perversion of facts, I calmly responded to him in the comments. Alas, no amount of gentle persuasion would satisfy. My former friend seemed to get more and more angry, until he issued the insult, "you are a stupid F#%#" (remember, this is on my personal facebook wall). At that point, regrettably, I had to unfriend him and remove his profane comment. Now, to add insult to injury, this former friend sent me a private message (after I unfriended him), which went like this:
"Nice to make a comment after you deleted me. Whatever it takes for you to feel that you won... God will be asking you, just who do you think you are? Im sure he will remind you of all the times you wasted on correcting others, when you should have been looking in a mirror. Well, it is your salvation, you can waste it on being concerned with me if you want... March on soldier boy. I feel sorry for you."
Once again, to a fault, I took the time to respond to him personally:
"... I'm really not used to this sort of behavior from a Romney supporter... You called me "a stupid F%#%". Is that supposed to encourage further conversation? This is not about winning. What I've said is truth and I cannot excuse it. What I have written has been in the spirit of love. I do not unfriend people unless they cross the line of civilized respect. I spoke the truth and you got angry and used abusive language... I don't know about you but "stupid F%@%" has no place in the vocabulary of my household and I will not tolerate it on my wall -- I don't care who it is directed to. I wish you the best"
He responds:
"You closed further converstation. Just like people like you do all the time. Your way or no way. Sorry, not playing. And btw, you are a stupid F#$%!"
I'm sure you are as tired of seeing that word as I was. I reported the conversation to the facebook abuse team for hate speech harassment and I blocked this former friend from further interaction with me on facebook. What a sad end to a potentially respectful, intelligent debate. It reminds me of Thomas Paine's words:
"Attempting to debate with a person who has abandoned reason is like giving medicine to the dead."
The point: Most people I have discussions with, who support "redefining" marriage, use a lot of exclamation points, language, and repeat the word "Bigot" as if it were the only word in their vocabulary. As it were, those who use the word "Bigot", in this way, have no clue of its proper use (see previous blog "Debunking False Labels of 'Bigotry' Against Chick-fil-A"). Now, allow this "tolerant" "kind" "loving" homosexual activist, who harasses a teen-age Chick-fil-A employee and puts it in on youtube, to drive my point home. Notice the stark contrast of anger vs. the calm and kind responses of the employee:

This homosexual activist, and former CFO of a company, has since been fired from his job for harassing this kind young lady. Good for them! Finally, this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Obama's "gay" adviser, Dan Savage, who is our best example of loving kindness and "tolerance" so wonderfully emulated by homosexual activists. In this video, Savage is just that--savage; only he is addressing the eager minds of high school students (viewer discretion advised)!

Oh... and here's one more, where homosexual activists harass a homeless man!


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