Sunday, July 29, 2012

Save My Terry Bean Ad on YouTube!!!

Terry Bean saw my ad on YouTube, which exposes him (and Obama), and filed a "privacy" complaint because I used his full name, which I cut and pasted from Wikipedia! Leave it to the founder of Human Rights Campaign to file a complaint - the most complaining organization in the world. YouTube is trying to remove my video, even though it has 41 LIKES and 2 dislikes (a 95% approval rating) and over 500 views the first day. Go on YouTube and write a comment on the video telling YouTube we will not accept illegal censorship. This is NEWS and Americans have a right to know who Terry Bean is, a man who is a close confidant to the highest office of our country:

Thank you!

This is the rebuttal I sent to youtube:

The following disclaimer is in the video comments:
"FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law."
All material within this video is permitted use under said U.S.C Title 107. At 10 seconds in this video you see "Terry" Bean's full name, "Terrence Patrick 'Terry' Bean". This is previously published information and it was cut and pasted DIRECTLY from Wikipedia. This link is also provided directly, as a hyperlink, in the youtube video description. If you go to Brad Pitt's Wikipedia page, for example, it states "William Bradley 'Brad' Pitt". It is not against the law to publish full names (especially of public figures), and this is standard policy with Wikipedia - to publish full names first and foremost.
No laws have been broken, privacy or otherwise. I do not need Terry Bean's permission to use his full name, especially when the President holds him as a high confidant.

Bottom line: this video is NEWS, as are ALL videos on my channel.  If you look at the comments on the video you will also see several users stating that the video not be impeded in any way by YouTube or anyone else, as it is news, and as it is the truth.
Though the following is not needed to defend my use of Mr. Beans name, it is provided as a courtesy only for additional explanation:
President Obama, not me, called Terry out by name and thanked him emphatically. The American people, therefore, have a right to know who Terry Bean is, as he is closely associated with the highest office of our country.
Of course Mr. Bean is upset at my video because it exposes who he is and I have not lied. I have taken my information directly from Wikipedia (on which site the subjects, in this case, Terry Bean, have input into their own pages; thus, if Terry was really concerned about his full name being published, he would have long since had it removed from Wikipedia). What Terry is concerned about is having his name connected to $10 Million in gay male porn production per year and once again, I lie not. I actually took further information from a Huffington Post article previously published and used under Fair Use (link also provided in the youtube description). This article is actually rebutting the accusation that Terry Bean was invovled in porn creation (it is in favor of Terry) and I added it to the description to give the info in an unbiased way. In said article, you will find the words of Bean Investments' spokesperson, "Terry Bean serves as the executor of the estate of Charles P. Holmes, an old friend." and again, "As a favor to his dying friend, Mr. Bean agreed to ensure that the proceeds were distributed to charities making life better for LGBT people". The spokesperson also asserts "Isn't Holmes the 'gay-porn kingpin,' in this scenario? Well, yes."
In other words, the article is acknowledging that Holmes was responsible for creating "more than 400 pornographic films... (as) one of the world's largest producers of gay pornography."
In my video, I do not accuse Terry of being directly responsible for the creation of said pornography, but I state truthfully he was the sole trustee to Mr. Holmes' estate (which estate was made from said pornography).
I also include the following in the youtube description:
"Did Terry Bean produce $10 Million in gay male porn? No, but you have to ask, his close friend (close enough to trust Terry to direct all his money) made Terry his Sole Trustee of his estate. Also, Terry is 'gay' himself, and the founder of Human Rights Campaign, the most vicious  'gay' rights activist organization in the world. So, you decide... Like I said, Associations are everything and Obama has the wrong ones."
On a side note, If you uphold Mr. Bean's "allegation" of "privacy" breach, then you shall likewise remove EVERY video on youtube with Mitt Romney's full name in it, "Willard Mitt Romney", which you have not done. Mitt's not worried because he has nothing to hide. Mr. Bean does.
Thank you for your time.


  1. I totally agree if YouTube removes this video then I demand they do the same for all videos that clearly defame mitt romney

    1. Yes, the most hypocritical complaint ever. Can't blame Terry though... I wouldn't want my name, full or otherwise, attached in any way to the production of over 400 gay male porn videos!

  2. YouTube posts any type of film or commercial regardless of content, unless it violates some rule regarding porn or something that would lead to physical harm to others. So many offensive and misleading commercials have been posted here, that eliminating an accurate one means only one thing... YouTube has been bullied or paid of by a political interest.

    1. Your comment was so well said, would you mind posting it on the YouTube video as well? Especially the part where you say youtube has been bullied or paid because that is exactly what Human Rights Campaign does to get what they want and Terry Bean founded it.

  3. You guys are fucking idiots.


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