Thursday, July 26, 2012

Demonizing Religion - Heroizing A Lie (homosexuality)

The following is a facebook post I made today addressing the issue of "gay marriage" in the United States:

"The 'separation of church and state' doctrine is a misinterpretation of the (U.S.) Constitution. The First Amendment... aims at forbidding all government-sponsored coercion of religious conscience. It does NOT forbid all religious influence upon politics or society." - Alan Keyes.

Indeed nearly all major positive evolution in society has been tied to religion - Martin Luther King Jr. was himself a minister of religion - a Christian. And we cannot be so disillusioned to believe that Martin Luther King Jr. would be supporting the "gay" rights movement today - not so. King's niece, Alveta Scott King, said, “While I have met many FORMER homosexuals, I have yet to meet a former black.” The vast majority of the black community is highly offended that their civil rights movement is being hijacked by "gay" rights activists and used as a platform to shuffle "hate" labels on all people of faith in this country. Alveta hits the point right on the head - being homosexual is a choice. There is no evidence, scientifically or otherwise, that proves or even suggests that people are born "gay". To suggest that God would make someone that way is a gross fabrication, and highly offensive to God, who is full of perfect love. Everyone wants to be quick to pronounce, "I have many 'gay' friends," as if "gays" are some sort of valuable commodity or something. Hence Rahm Emanuel's outrages statement, "Gays are the next Jews of fundraising." And is it any coincidence that Rahm Emanuel is a confidant to Obama? Obama has raised multi-millions from wealthy gay donors since his endorsement of "gay" marriage... he is politically pandering, apparently the only thing Obama knows how to do. Michelle Malkin puts it better than I can:

Yes, I too have "gay" friends. I also have FORMERLY "gay" friends and one of them used to be in the heart of the "gay" rights activist campaign in charge of one of their "gay" magazines in San Francisco. She, also (a black woman) has since denounced her "gay" lifestyle and is now a Christian minister and runs a Christian magazine called Victory. In her latest issue she states "The homosexual political machine attached itself to a beautiful Black family who, with their help (and others), made it all the way to the Whitehouse. I understand how many of you feel. It makes me proud to see Barack & Michelle and their gorgeous girls crossing the front lawn in our nation's capital, but... this pretty picture has truly cost us far too much. Perhaps you feel like the gay marriage issue is not important to you or that it does not affect your family. Trust me, it will. Since the day Obama released his statement (endorsing gay marriage), you can already see the acceleration of the homosexual agenda attempting to take over every area of family life in the US and abroad. And when they get what they want, in all 50 US states, IT STILL WON'T BE ENOUGH. They are coming for the church... If we're silent on this issue, and take no action to push back, how will they know that this (the 'gay' movement) was all based on a lie? The notion that gays are 'born' that way is a complete fabrication and they know it. There is not one shred of evidence to prove otherwise. Obama's statement may not have changed any laws, but it has and will continue to change attitudes. He's made it much easier for our youth to consider that it is perfectly normal to marry a man OR a woman."

This same friend told me, when she renounced homosexuality, those "gay" activist "friends" (whom she had worked hand in hand with for over 8 years) denounced her publicly (in major news sources; because they control them) as a liar and a worthless person. The "gay" political machine tried to absolutely destroy her in every possible way and also attempted to make it impossible for her to obtain employment! Now you tell me, is that love? Is that acceptance? Is that TOLERANCE from those who demand the same? I answer NO. THAT is hate. That is envy. That is the Destroyer at work, who wants all to be miserable like himself.

Now, the happy ending... this friend, on about the third day, was about to sink into despair and ruin when, to her great surprise, her email inbox was flooded - overwhelmingly flooded - with emails from thousands of Christians and people of faith all over the country who expressed their love for her, their appreciation for her decision, and their respect for her life change. They did not accuse her of the egregious "sin" of homosexuality but rather stood with open arms of love and acceptance to receive her.

Lastly, the "gay issue" is not about allowing people to live as they please - that is fine. The "gay issue" is about changing the legal definition of marriage, which will send a tidal wave through our laws and make a person of faith, who believes in the Bible; from which are taken the 10 commandments engraved on the steps of our US Supreme Court and from which our motto is taken "In God We Trust"; it will make people of faith criminals. And don't tell me it won't - it absolutely will and already is. Chick-fil-A is just one example of government censorship that is being accepted in this country. Chick-fil-A has done NOTHING illegal, yet they are being discriminated for expressing their constitutionally-protected beliefs. Are there many nice and fantastic "gay" people? YES, most of them are very kind and good people, just caught up in the lie, however this is the voice of the homosexual movement so vocally and publicly familiar... I give you... Obama adviser, Dan Savage demonizing the Bible while addressing HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS!

I am supremely respectful to all the students who had the courage to walk out of Savage's SAVAGE blasphemy of the Holy Bible.

Now, let this inspire you to support our next President, Mitt Romney, who will put this nation back on course:

Please share your thoughts... but no "bigotry" will be tolerated in the comments. Thanks


  1. I didn't know Dan Savage was an advisor to the President.
    What a hypocrite. Bullying is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I was so disgusted with what he said regarding the Bible. What a thug. The nerve to demand what you do not give.

  2. You are right Jackie... and it is very important to know that he is an adviser to Obama because this is the type of mind that influences all of Obama's destructive policies.


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