Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two-Faced Obama: "Reject Hate Politics"

My apologies for being incognito on my blog as of late. I have been very busy happily working to support my family. This blog is an act of public service to my country and not for monetary gain; thus, you can rest assured I am sincere about my passion for truth, which is why I am still laughing about the email I just received from the Barack Obama campaign!

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Although the whole email is laughable, the conclusion is what really got me; a desperate plea for us to, "Right now, tell Mitt Romney to take a strong stand, and stop his Republican allies from launching these campaigns in his name:" followed by - get this! - the link to sign the petition:


Did I read that right?? An email from OBAMA that is pleading for us to "Reject Hate Politics"? I can think of nothing more oxymoron, more absolutely absurd, than an email from the KING of "Hate Politics" asking me to reject the same. Never mind Obama's camp approves of attacking PRIVATE citizens who appear in Mitt Romney's ads; never mind Obama's "anti-bully ADVISER" Dan Savage tells us to "ignore the bull$%#* in the Bible" and Obama says NOTHING:

Never mind Michelle Obama called Oprah a "fat person waddling around the White House" which is why Oprah is silent during this election campaign. Never mind Obama invites all his celebrity fans, deep pocket donors, and sell-out supporters to his White House Correspondence dinner to give him huge applause while he publicly defames Donald Trump on the issue of his "authentic" long form birth certificate.

And, in case you missed the biggest media black out in the history of our country, here's confirmation that Trumpy was right:

Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012
Oh, and in case you missed it today, Breitbart News released proof, from Obama himself, that he was born in Kenya.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Americans, we have an usurper in the White House who actually said to his once friend, now disowned, radical Pastor of 20+ years, Rev. Wright, "You know what your problem is? You have to tell the truth." In other words, Obama admitted that he lied to us during his 2008 campaign and with his recent "change" in position on same-sex marriage, we must conclude he has done nothing but lie to us while in office. In addition, with him confiding he will have "more flexibility" after this election, it follows that everything coming out of his mouth is as Michelle Malkin says, "an evolutionary composite of dozens of poll-tested, or campaign donor approved, positions... it's all about politics and it's all about money." 

Michelle Malkin destroys Obama's LIES on gay marriage!

It would seem, the Obama Campaign's petition statement applies more to Obama than to Romney or anyone else, "(Obama's lies) should offend anyone who cares about the state of our politics.

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