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Obama: America Is Watching and Romney Is Coming

After Super Tuesday, it is more clear than ever who the Republican Nominee will be.  With far more endorsements than any other candidate, a commanding delegate lead (the ONLY thing that matters), and huge momentum continuing from yesterday's results, Mitt Romney will be the nomination.  Those who disagree are either Obamacrats or simply in denial. 

Obama knows Romney will get the nomination as Romney continues to be the entire focus of Obama's campaign - that alone is a dead giveaway. Mainstream Obamedia continues to call Romney's nomination into question, telling us what to think instead of reporting the news, yet Mitt continues to win. Yesterday was remarkable; Ohio was remarkable.  As a mirror repeat of Michigan, where Santorum stooped to the low of holding hands with Obama, Ohio's primary also revealed obvious election tampering. For a critical-read background on open elections and how they invite raiding, read HERE.
"Crossover Democrat voters nearly secured a victory for Santorum in the Ohio Republican primary, just like they almost did in Michigan a week earlier... These Democratic voters overwhelmingly supported Santorum over Romney 47 percent to 27 percent. If these Democratic voters had not cast ballots in the Republican primary, Romney would have won Ohio by roughly a 3-point margin."
Read full article HERE
Still in doubt?  Listen to a robocall from the Santorum campaign enlisting Democrats to vote against Romney.

Anti-Romney Robocall From "Democrats For Santorum"

And here's why Democrats voted Santorum:

Liberal Democrats for Santorum

 You gotta love youtube.  Rebel Ross put is so well I won't attempt to improve upon it:
"What Happened in Michigan? Here’s a Little Help for the Media: 
Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, the UAW, President Obama’s Super PAC, Gingrich’s Super PAC, Santorum’s Super PAC, Michael Moore, Fox News, Red State, and the dirty tactics of Santorum’s own campaign couldn’t beat Mitt in Michigan where polls show the fact that Mitt was born here didn’t factor very largely in the decision of voters.
I don’t know if I can remember a candidate surviving and continuing to win when faced with such adversity. Michigan’s results are truly amazing. Despite an onslaught of outrageous attacks from both sides and the media giving voters virtually no where to turn to for the truth, that fact that Mitt still won must strike fear in the heart of the Obama campaign.
This race should be over! Mitt continues to build a huge delegate lead while Sen. Santorum’s campaign spent every last penny in Michigan. However, the dishonest media continues to propagate the narrative of Mitt being “wounded”, a “weak-frontrunner”, “stumbling”, or “unable to excite the base”. The media has worked tirelessly to elongate this process in order to increase ratings and/or to stop Mitt Romney from getting the nomination... It must be clear to any honest clear-thinking individual that Mitt is the only candidate that can beat President Obama."
Ross is right - this race should be over. As former governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, said, speaking of the distraction this prolonged primary election has been to the real problem - Obama:
 “The general election prospects for Republicans certainly would be better served if more focus was spent on Obama’s policies and the failures of those policies.”
We know Obama is tampering with the election and we know who he fears most to face.

Obama ADMITS his biggest fear - facing MITT ROMNEY (he would "Crush Santorum or Gingrich")!!

It logically follows, Obama wants to drag out this primary election as long as possible, through election raiding and through doubt-ensuing media.  Why?  Because Obama knows he will inevitably face Romney.  His current strategy is to string out the primaries, which he hopes will weaken Romney's campaign funds before facing him.  Romney's campaign finances, not surprisingly, are far stronger than any of his challengers, but still not close to the billion dollar Obamachination.

As long as the primaries drag on, Obama sits on his billion (not spending a dime) and all the while he postpones public scrutiny of his record.  Obama's vetting will come as soon as we stop this primary madness and nominate Mitt.  Then we'll all watch Romney bring the rain because God knows the media won't do it!  All we hear from CNN is how the war is over, unemployment is going down, and the dow has hit record highs. Does anyone else find is unavoidably ironic that, all of a sudden, when Obama is up for reelection, everything in the news is peachy!?

Everywhere Obama turns he gets a pass.  We've all heard the Obama "birth certificate" issue. It's all over youtube and until five days ago it was dismissed as hearsay, but when one of the most respected Sheriff's in the United States, Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced on national news that his renowned volunteer "Cold Case Posse" found "probable cause" that Obama's birth certificate was a computer generated, it got over 350,000 organic views in 4 days.  I think America is telling us to pay attention:

Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012

For those who want to voice their support of Sheriff Arpaio's bravery, as I did, reach him here:
(602) 876-1801 and EMAIL (this goes directly to him): 

Believe it or not, the most alarming thing about this finding, was Obama's reaction to it:
"The Obama campaign brushed off Mr. Arpaio’s accusations. Campaign spokesperson Ben LaBolt tweeted what he called a “live link” to Arpaio’s news conference, but the link instead lead viewers to a video clip of the conspiracy-theory based television series from the 90s, “The X-Files.”
The reaction shows that the Obama campaign is not taking the accusations seriously, and that they do not predict that Mr. Arpaio’s investigation will reignite the skepticism that raged earlier in Mr. Obama’s political career."
Full article HERE 
This reaction by Obama is typical.  After being summoned to court in Georgia, just last month, on a similar issue, Obama and his attorney's no-showed. This disregard for any authority other than himself is why even Democrats refer to President Obama as "Professor" Obama. This President ignores allegations with unnerving arrogance and my gut tells me we're in for some unexpected surprises. Whether we agree with the allegations or not; whether we think it's a "closed issue" or not, if Sheriff Arpaio's findings are correct, and Obama released a computer-generated birth certificate, then high treason has been committed.  What's the penalty for treason in the USA? It's worse than impeachment:

18 USC § 3592:
"(b) Aggravating Factors for Espionage and Treason.— In determining whether a sentence of death is justified for an offense described in section 3591 (a)(1), the jury, or if there is no jury, the court, shall consider each of the following aggravating factors for which notice has been given and determine which, if any, exist:
(1) Prior espionage or treason offense.— The defendant has previously been convicted of another offense involving espionage or treason for which a sentence of either life imprisonment or death was authorized by law.
(2) Grave risk to national security.— In the commission of the offense the defendant knowingly created a grave risk of substantial danger to the national security.
(3) Grave risk of death.— In the commission of the offense the defendant knowingly created a grave risk of death to another person.
The jury, or if there is no jury, the court, may consider whether any other aggravating factor for which notice has been given exists."
I am shocked at how many people, Democrat and Republican alike, dismiss the "birth certificate issue" as being a distraction to the "real issues".  I agree, there are many important issues to focus on, however, if "probable cause exists" that our current President committed high treason, you would think people would consider that a "real issue".  Watergate come to mind? The truth is, President Obama owns the media just as he owns most of the legal muscle in this country; which is why, instead of getting a default judgement in Georgia for his disrespectful no-show, the Judge let Obama off unscathed.  No one gets away with that! On the bright side of things, Obama doesn't own me, he doesn't own Arpaio, and hopefully he doesn't own you.  It's likely, the only way we will be able to remove Obama is to elect a new President and that new President is Mitt Romney.

The movie "2016" was introduced at CPAC this year by Dinesh D'Souza.  It will open our eyes to what we don't know about Obama... P.S. it's comes from the producers of "Braveheart":

It won't let me embed it so here's the link:

Please SIGN THIS PETITION to have Congress investigate Sheriff Arpaio's findings.

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