Thursday, February 9, 2012

Political Perfection

I need to say, I was like many, who bought into Rick Santorum's sincere, poor guy (of the people) approach. I started losing respect for him early in the debates, however, upon investigating all his accusations against Romney and found most of them to be completely untrue, or like most political rhetoric, blown completely out of context and proportion.  It wasn't until recently, however, that I have lost all respect for him as a Presidential candidate.  As if we needed more lobbying, Santorum's voting record left me confused to say the least.  Like all the rest, except for Mitt Romney, Santorum has only been in the spotlight for a short time before his past has begun casting well-founded doubt on his electability.

I made the following facebook post today and I wanted to blog about a comment that I received on it:

"Pay close attention, Santorum in 2008 said "if you are conservative... if you are a Republican, there is really only one place to go and that's Mitt Romney." Santorum also praised Romney for his defense of traditional marriage as being "tremendously helpful on this issue" and a "tremendous asset early on". How stark this is to his railing on Romney has the author of same-sex marriage in today's debates!! 

See what a (cum laude) graduate of Harvard Law School had to say about Santorum's rant

And here is Romney boldly testifying before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts on their ruling:

Santorum is a lying, self-serviing person who smiles at his friends and when they turn around he STABS them in the back, all so he can get elected - very uncool, dirt bag thing to do! You can't rewrite history (especially when you only have to go back to 2008!!). What floors me is that Romney has not brought up Santorum's 2008 endorsement in the debates... why would Romney not bring this up?? Because he doesn't stab his friends in the back, he is a bigger man than Santorum or Gingrich. Romney is our next President, he has withstood the sunlight, Santorum will fade quickly, by his own hand!

Listen to Santorum's passionate endorsement for Romney in 2008 (make sure and listen to the end)

So what happened to "Nice Guy" Rick?? I'll tell you what, he became a millionaire just 6 years after losing the senate - through lobbying or "cashing in", got himself some lasik surgery to look prettier (and gained the title "The Honorable Rick Santorum", and became the all-new, running-for-President Rick.  Rick has changed but Romney has not. Rick's "poor" "humble" guy card against big rich Mitt doesn't hold any water. Since when is a millionaire considered poor in this world?! Santorum is as Gingrich to me!"

Notice Santorum's nice specs in this one (before new Lasik Rick). Here he hails Romney, while campaigning with him in 2008.

Here's another gem from the debates where Santorum doesn't even let Mitt speak about his health plan - reality check... Santorum ENDORSED Romney's health plan (in fact ALL but 2 representatives voted FOR the plan):

There were many comments of disgust on my facebook wall for Rick's behavior but there was also this one:
"(Santorum)'s a politician, welcome to "supporting the party." Mitt's not any better, though, he's just as two faced. Unfortunately, nobody has gotten as far as they have in politics without playing kissy face with whomever they need to for their personal advancement. I'm still not comfortable supporting Romney, because I feel like he's still playing kissy face with voters instead of revealing who he really is. I'm sick of his poll-supported answers."

This got me thinking.  First, we need to establish unequivocally that nobody who runs for the office of President is perfect.  In fact, at minute 5:47 in Rick's Romney Endorsement video (above), the radio host says, "You know people are wishing for these perfect candidates..." She then continued to praise Romney "...but on the issue of national security and on this issue of traditional marriage Romney stood up and he fought the forces of this evolutionary approach."  Romney, by is own (frequent) self-admission, acknowledges he is not perfect. Unlike Gingrich, who refuses to acknowledge any of this flaws.  Gingrich, in fact, celebrates his flaws saying they make him more "normal" than Mitt's boring life.  While acknowledging imperfections of the candidates, we must also acknowledge that nobody just skates into the White House without playing the "game" to some degree.  As with business, so it is with politics; you have to tailor your message (or your rhetoric in the case of politics) to the needs of your customers (the people). Of course, in everything, there is moderation; except for Newt, who obviously missed the moderation memo when he promised a space colony on the moon to the people of Florida (where Florida's Kennedy Space Center recently laid off 5500 contracted employees!).  On a side note, if you didn't see when Romney finally called Newt out on all his irresponsible promises at the FL debate, catch it here - it was priceless!

 (specifically at minute 54)

Now, back to the "game" of politics.  Has Romney tailored his rhetoric, as any astute business man would?  Of course he has.  We should expect nothing less from such a capable leader, but he has not done so to any extreme.  To achieve any success in this world, one must learn to network, to make friends (and keep them, unlike Santorum); to build relationships in other words.  Romney is a master networker - he still meets every year with his old Harvard study group.  After he lost the nomination in 2008, he continued to campaign with his fellow republicans helping to get them elected (making friends and networking with this peers).  Governor Nikki Haley was one of them, for example, and now she has come to his side and endorsed him for President.  There is nothing wrong with this.  "I help you, you help me" and so the world turns, as long as it is done without lobbying for money as with both Gingrich and Santorum. I just spoke with my good friend in the entertainment business today (he works with the Hollywood big shots) who said he wanted to help my career any way that he could... in the same breath he confessed, his interests were somewhat self-serving, as he knew I belonged to the upcoming generation of film makers and if I "make it" he hoped I would remember his kind assistance, which I absolutely would.  But, some people expect a political figure to rise to prominance and walk into the White House without making friends and scratching some backs.  Well, on the issue of playing " kissy face" with the voters, I would too in some degree.  Romney's every word is scrutinized by the wolves who lie in wait to take them and twist them into something they're not.  The latest one was when he said, he was "not concerned about the very poor".  Of course, if that's all you quote it sounds outrageous!  But, in context, what he said was, "I’m in this race because I care about Americans... I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it... I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation."  Context is a wonderful thing.  If I were Romney, I would tread somewhat lightly too.  The microscope of national attention in a Presidential race is an experience most of us have not encountered.  We would be wise, myself included, not to cast too harsh of judgement.

Mitt isn't perfect, but Jack Welch says he's "the most qualified leader to ever run for President"

Finally, lest we think our founding fathers were exceptions to the "nobody's perfect" rule, the "game" started with our first President, Washington (it was played in his behalf, not by him); the votes were made to appear unanimous but they were not in fact.  Then there was Thomas Jefferson.  Though respectable in so many regards, this same man hired a slanderer to destroy John Adams' reputation (who was President at the time) and that's how Jefferson stole the election.  This temporarily extinguished their close friendship, but John was the bigger man, who reached out to Jefferson while in their aging years to rekindle the friendship they once shared.  Because of John's kind efforts, they became close friends once again, ultimately dying on the same day, not ironically, July 4th (Independence Day) 1826.

I end with another comment from my facebook post:
"I agree that Romney is working hard to get elected and that may mean not revealing his "true self". However, I think who he REALLY is is even better than what he is portraying himself as. I think he will be our best president in ages, but first he has to get through these primaries."

With that, here's a note from a personal family friend of the Romney's: Mitt Romney: Too good to be trusted?

I believe the people in this country are smart enough to see past the smoke screen cast around Romney.  Rick has only escaped the dirt because he hasn't been in the spotlight long enough to be tried.  Now, it's his turn and as you can see, he's got way more "problems" than Mr. Romney.  The fact that Romney has survived (with flying colors) all of the accusations brought against him, says he is the strongest candidate we have to face Obama and take back our country.  All the other candidates have bounced in and out of the spotlight but Romney has been in the hot sun the whole race as the "inevitable" nomination and yet still he stands.

I pray we are blessed enough to elect a man as capable and prepared as Mitt Romney. I pledge my support behind him, as I have since 2008. If we are fortunate enough to see him remove Obama, we will witness the administration one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever seen.  As with our founding fathers, I too exclaim "God Save The United States of America."


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  1. I feel sad when Mitt Romney is is placed under a microscope and then others tear his record apart. And how they twist it to their liking. Why aren't the people more outraged at Gingrich with his record? His personal life should be a direct reflection of who he is as a person. He discards wives like tissue. Now he has the Barbie doll wife that doesn't look like she could get in front of a crowd and speak to them after a primary like Romney's warm and beautiful wife does. The Romney's are a complete package...sure and strong, centered in God with a strong belief in our constitution.

    1. I'm with you wholeheartedly Sue! But, on the bright side, all the criticism only makes him a stronger and stronger candidate :)

  2. Romney is by far the most qualified to lead. The most successful. The most honest and God fearing. The most faithful to his wife and family. The Smartest. The most presidential. The most articulate. The strongest on National defense. If America hand the election to anyone but Mitt, than God speed. You can say goodbye to the America our forefathers fought for.


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