Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michigan Miracle For Romney

Michigan... and OPEN primary.  How significant is this?  VERY.

I remember how surprised I was; how devastated, that a man (Newt Gingrich), who deflected such character-defining traits of how one treats his spouse and marriage as irrelevant to a Presidential candidate, was able to garner what appeared to be an unprecedented win in South Carolina - especially since Romney had the endorsement from South Carolina's Governor!  I volunteered for nearly 4 hours making calls to local residents for Mitt's campaign the day of the South Carolina Primary.  My results added even more to my confusion. I remember, after the election, telling my sweet wife Michelle, "It just doesn't make sense. Nearly all the people I spoke to on the phone were for Romney."  I made 50 calls and connected with 14 people.  I know that's not a large sample, but here are my results:
  • 12 had already voted for or were going to vote for Mitt Romney
  • 1 had voted for Newt Gingrich
  • 1 had voted for Rick Santorum
I have to note, there was one other person who wanted to vote for Gingrich, but could not because he was ineligible.  When I asked why, he paused for a moment and said it was because he was on police probation! Once again, like attracts like; thank you Newt for revealing yourself through those who support you - AGAIN.  Just yesterday, for the SECOND time, Newt's campaign was warned for financial dealings.  Newt is a circus act. OK - enough on Newt, he's not worth the time, though he is still a child of God so I love him as a person :-).

Nearly every poll confirmed Romney as the front runner in South Carolina, including just days before the vote.  Here are several so you can verify:
37% Romney, 30% Gingrich

30% Romney, 23% Gingrich

(three separate polls here)
29% Romney, 25% Gingrich

(whatever that means... this one's for objectivity)
33% Gingrich, 31% Romney

Now, if you don't understand (as I didn't before the South Carolina Primary) what the difference is between an open primary verses a closed primary please read here and be enlightened - it' fun.  Get this:
"Because of the open nature of (an Open Primary) system, a practice known as raiding may occur. Raiding consists of voters of one party crossing over and voting in the primary of another party, effectively allowing a party to help choose its opposition's candidate. The theory is that opposing party members vote for the weakest candidate of the opposite party in order to give their own party the advantage in the general election."
THIS is what happened in South Carolina.  This is why Newt had his pompous head filled with momentary "glory", to the world's disgust and horror, which makes it even more repulsive because it was a "glory" he invented himself!  Behold, the results:

Understanding the opened and closed primary system is critical as we approach next Tuesday, February 28, when both Michigan and Arizona will cast their primary vote.  Arizona is predictable, as it is a closed election and a winner-take-all delegate allocation (you better believe all 29 will go to Romney).  Michigan, however, is open.  So, if Santorum emerges victorious in Michigan, we know he OR Gingrich would be Obama's opponent of choice.  South Carolina revealed Gingrich and Michigan will probably reveal Santorum.  Now, in the unlikely event Romney emerges victorious in Michigan, know that it is an absolute miracle that he did so, against the opposition of the Obama reprobates' and bias media's attempt to suppress him.

Watch Obama ADMIT, facing Romney is his biggest fear - he would "Crush Santorum or Gingrich":

I think the American people are waking up to the reality of Obama's agenda and manipulation of perception, which is second only to Adolf Hitler in my opinion.  Once again, Romney has the endorsement from Michigan's Governor, Rick Snyder, and he's leading Obama in national polls currently.  Santorum seems to have a slight lead in Michigan polls right now; but is this not the Obamacrats manipulating perception so when Santorum wins it will be more believable?  The left is getting smarter, hoping Santorum's win will not mirror Newt's (who quickly fell behind Romney's shadow after his South Carolina victory).

Finally, let us all remember, delegates are all that matter in a Presidential race and Romney is leading the pack.  So, whether Santorum has a momentary glimpse of the hot sun after Michigan or whether Romney emerges triumphant there, it matters not.  Romney will advance as the "inevitable" nomination and he WILL save America from 4 more years of Obamoppression.  Here's to the most prepared and qualified leader this country as ever seen run for office - President Elect, Mitt Romney 2012.

PS... For those who missed the Arizona debate last night, watch the whole thing here - it was Romney's best debate so far.  You'll also love seeing Santorum try to squeak his way out of his voting record - ouch:

Here are some helpful links:
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  1. What doesn't make sense in al this is why Obama would admit the candidates he could crush. I've heard all along that Obama EXPECTS Mitt to be the one running against him come November, and that all his egg-shots have gone into that basket. It sounds to me as if he wants to run against Mitt, because he's already prepared to beat him. (If the gas prices keep shooting up, he won't stand a chance...but I remember many elections where the sitting-duck President released gas "reserves" the last week in October, specifically to boost himself in voters eyes. It's such a game to them, and we all suffer.

    1. I thought about that for a spilt second but then I thought about Gingrich and Santorum again - both of which have had ethics charges brought against them - and then I quickly dismissed it. If you watch carefully, Helene is extremely agitated and nervous it would seem... like she's drugged up or on 10 cups of coffee or something. Truth is simple... when you're living a lie, like Barrack and Michelle Obama are, you can only go so long before something slips up. In there, case they've had many slip ups, but they've gotten away with them with the help of mainstream media... this one however, is just too blatant to get away with. Let there be no mistake, Obama wants another 4 years and if he faces Mitt HE WON'T GET IT. Period. No doubt Helene got a lot of heat from Obama after she said this. Romney 2012. Corruption cannot fight corruption. Romney and Paul are the only candidates NOT accused of ethics violations, fraud, or influence peddling. Romney is the only candidate NOT from the inside - that's why he's our only choice.

    2. I shared this on my personal facebook page. I am puzzled by one thing.....why would the MS Media let this out? She did seem really frazzled, but they are typically in control of so much that I am shocked they would let it out. Thanks for sharing, regardless.

    3. Adrienne THANK YOU for sharing! It's a fair concern you raise, because MSM is in control of so much, but it has a simple answer; Helene goofed up big time by saying this - Obama goofed up big time. Period. This clip is exclusively in MY video on Youtube - it wasn't there before my video. I had to rip it with firefox and I did it immediately because I knew they would try and cover it up. Youtube also tried to block it for copyright but I disputed under Fair Use USC laws so they lifted the ban. My other Romney ad, for example, was not blocked when it was posted, which tells me they are protecting this clip heavily. Thank God for Fair Use, thank God for Youtube, and thank God for Mitt Romney our next President.

      Why would Obama be spending millions of dollars ALREADY attacking Romney if he was worried about Santorum or Gingrich? The logic doesn't make sense. Also just flip it and ask, why he would want to face Gingrich or Santorum, both just as corrupt as he is? He would have a hay day with them. I think Obama sees the writing on the wall and he is now trying to do as much as he can (while he's still in office) to dismantle our country. I think he's getting tired of living a lie. When people are living a lie they don't usually make the best decisions... this is a perfect example. Then again, nothing this President does makes since. He spits on the sacred ground of this great country. He purposely released a manipulated birth certificate. He either thinks the American people are dumb enough to buy it or he thinks he's so powerful he can't be stopped by any force on earth or in heaven. Either way, Obama is out in November and we will all be celebrating when Romney takes office, declines his Presidential salary, and restores greatness to this noble nation of promise and leader of the Free World. Long live the king of this land - Jesus Christ. God Save The USA.

  2. Darin,glad you are pointing out the open primary implications in this process.The cousin to that is the caucus states (archaic process)where there is opportunity for intimidation and collusion.If you took these two factors out of the equation(even with the media bias of Fox,radio and MSM)ROmney would have won this a while ago.With the nonexistent GOP(Reince is a weak nonentity)this primary is unprecedented in the distortion and manipulation of the Republican party.What is most disturbing is that it is happening so subtley noone is noticing(the public is asleep or in a fog).Please keep getting the word out.

  3. "HUMAN EVENTS had reports of a union local in Ingham County (Lansing) handing out handbills encouraging members to 'support Obama, vote for Santorum'"


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