Sunday, February 26, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Tongue-Tied White House Correspondent Divulges Obama’s Biggest Fear

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Little did Helene Cooper know, when she started nervously babbling on "Meet The Press" February 19, 2012, her words would end up exploding on Youtube.  It all started with a Facebook comment, quoting Cooper: 
“Obama thinks he could possibly beat (freudian slip), he thinks he could beat Romney - but he thinks he will crush the other two (Santorum or Gingrich).’ ~ Helene Cooper, N.Y. Times White House Correspondent on ‘Meet the Press,’ Feb. 19th, 2012”.  - Matt Moody, Facebook user
It didn't take long for the comment to be seen by the right person.  Producer/Director, Darin Southam, saw the comment on February 21 and it hit him like a ton of bricks.  He says he, "felt impressed it needed to be seen by the world"; he found a few articles and then searched Youtube to see if the clip was already posted there – nothing.  With more digging, Southam found the video clip and immediately grabbed it from the web, fearing that it might be pulled down.  Southam then worked all through the night, not stopping to eat or sleep, editing the clip into a video he could post to Youtube. For over 12 twilight hours, Southam worked to mash the clip together with several others.

The result?  An impressively persuasive and highly effective video:

Obama ADMITS his biggest fear - facing MITT ROMNEY (he would "Crush Santorum or Gingrich")!!

One Youtube user comments, “EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE 5 MINUTES AND REPOST THIS ON THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE, OTHER PAGES, GET THIS VIDEO OUT THERE IF YOU BELIEVE IN AMERICA!”  Southam posted his final edit about 8AM February 22, 2012.  The video was immediately blocked by Youtube, which Darin found strange because he had done a few mash-up videos before with news clips which had not been blocked.  The clip with Helene Cooper’s confession seemed heavily protected.  Familiar with law, as a former law student, Southam disputed the block under "Fair Use" Title 17 U.S.C. section 107. Youtube removed the block, and Darin posted it in a few places on facebook; he then collapsed in exhaustion and slept for only 3 hours, before heading to work at his part-time Video Producer position with Utah Valley University Aviation Science.  When he got to work, he looked to see (within 4 hours) his video had been picked up by "Yahoo: Politics & Government" as well as several other blogs and it already had over 1,000 views, 29 likes, and no dislikes.  Just four days later, February 26, 2012, the video has 15,475 views; 211 likes and only 8 dislikes, which equates to a 96% user approval rating.

Southam has produced several commercials with companies such as InsideOut Development, Myelin Resources, and Adobe.  He specializes in Youtube videos.  Darin is also an accomplished Actor, having appeared in Academy-Award Nominated "127 Hours" with James Franco; as well as the "Disney Channel" with Debbie Reynolds and Lucas Grabeel; and the "Discovery Channel 'I Shouldn’t Be Alive''' series, just to name a few.  In addition to his passions for Cinema, Southam maintains a blog “The Truth About Candor”, where he writes political and social insights with surprising tenacity for a 32 year-old.  In his blog post entitled “Michigan Miracle For Romney” he states, “I think the American people are waking up to the reality of Obama's agenda and manipulation of perception.”  Regarding the overwhelmingly positive user response to his video on Youtube, Darin says, “The American people are burdened and afflicted under the ‘fundamental transformation’ Obama promised to deliver.  We were not meant to be Europe – Europe isn’t working for Europe.  My video is evidence that Americans are fed up with President Obama’s agenda to run this country into the ground and weaken it with endless spending and crippling apologies.  We are ready for a new President in 2012 and the people of this country will be the ones to make that happen.”  Southam's youtube channel is named from a phrase echoed often by the Founding Fathers during their times of difficulty seeking to establish the new nation, "God Save The USA"; his channel, "godsavetheusa2012".

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michigan Miracle For Romney

Michigan... and OPEN primary.  How significant is this?  VERY.

I remember how surprised I was; how devastated, that a man (Newt Gingrich), who deflected such character-defining traits of how one treats his spouse and marriage as irrelevant to a Presidential candidate, was able to garner what appeared to be an unprecedented win in South Carolina - especially since Romney had the endorsement from South Carolina's Governor!  I volunteered for nearly 4 hours making calls to local residents for Mitt's campaign the day of the South Carolina Primary.  My results added even more to my confusion. I remember, after the election, telling my sweet wife Michelle, "It just doesn't make sense. Nearly all the people I spoke to on the phone were for Romney."  I made 50 calls and connected with 14 people.  I know that's not a large sample, but here are my results:
  • 12 had already voted for or were going to vote for Mitt Romney
  • 1 had voted for Newt Gingrich
  • 1 had voted for Rick Santorum
I have to note, there was one other person who wanted to vote for Gingrich, but could not because he was ineligible.  When I asked why, he paused for a moment and said it was because he was on police probation! Once again, like attracts like; thank you Newt for revealing yourself through those who support you - AGAIN.  Just yesterday, for the SECOND time, Newt's campaign was warned for financial dealings.  Newt is a circus act. OK - enough on Newt, he's not worth the time, though he is still a child of God so I love him as a person :-).

Nearly every poll confirmed Romney as the front runner in South Carolina, including just days before the vote.  Here are several so you can verify:
37% Romney, 30% Gingrich

30% Romney, 23% Gingrich

(three separate polls here)
29% Romney, 25% Gingrich

(whatever that means... this one's for objectivity)
33% Gingrich, 31% Romney

Now, if you don't understand (as I didn't before the South Carolina Primary) what the difference is between an open primary verses a closed primary please read here and be enlightened - it' fun.  Get this:
"Because of the open nature of (an Open Primary) system, a practice known as raiding may occur. Raiding consists of voters of one party crossing over and voting in the primary of another party, effectively allowing a party to help choose its opposition's candidate. The theory is that opposing party members vote for the weakest candidate of the opposite party in order to give their own party the advantage in the general election."
THIS is what happened in South Carolina.  This is why Newt had his pompous head filled with momentary "glory", to the world's disgust and horror, which makes it even more repulsive because it was a "glory" he invented himself!  Behold, the results:

Understanding the opened and closed primary system is critical as we approach next Tuesday, February 28, when both Michigan and Arizona will cast their primary vote.  Arizona is predictable, as it is a closed election and a winner-take-all delegate allocation (you better believe all 29 will go to Romney).  Michigan, however, is open.  So, if Santorum emerges victorious in Michigan, we know he OR Gingrich would be Obama's opponent of choice.  South Carolina revealed Gingrich and Michigan will probably reveal Santorum.  Now, in the unlikely event Romney emerges victorious in Michigan, know that it is an absolute miracle that he did so, against the opposition of the Obama reprobates' and bias media's attempt to suppress him.

Watch Obama ADMIT, facing Romney is his biggest fear - he would "Crush Santorum or Gingrich":

I think the American people are waking up to the reality of Obama's agenda and manipulation of perception, which is second only to Adolf Hitler in my opinion.  Once again, Romney has the endorsement from Michigan's Governor, Rick Snyder, and he's leading Obama in national polls currently.  Santorum seems to have a slight lead in Michigan polls right now; but is this not the Obamacrats manipulating perception so when Santorum wins it will be more believable?  The left is getting smarter, hoping Santorum's win will not mirror Newt's (who quickly fell behind Romney's shadow after his South Carolina victory).

Finally, let us all remember, delegates are all that matter in a Presidential race and Romney is leading the pack.  So, whether Santorum has a momentary glimpse of the hot sun after Michigan or whether Romney emerges triumphant there, it matters not.  Romney will advance as the "inevitable" nomination and he WILL save America from 4 more years of Obamoppression.  Here's to the most prepared and qualified leader this country as ever seen run for office - President Elect, Mitt Romney 2012.

PS... For those who missed the Arizona debate last night, watch the whole thing here - it was Romney's best debate so far.  You'll also love seeing Santorum try to squeak his way out of his voting record - ouch:

Here are some helpful links:
Presidential Primary Details (which primaries are open and which are closed)
2012 Primary Debate Schedule (you can also watch all past debates here)
2012 Election Delegate Tracker (this is the only thing that matters and Romney is KILLING it)


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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Money Talks

Most of us have heard the phrase when Paul counseled Timothy:
"For the love of money is the root of all evil."  
It is easy to see the prima facie meaning here, but written again with dramatic emphasis reveals further insight: 
"For the love of money is the root of ALL evil."  
In other words, every evil act, in one way or another, can be traced to the love of money. One might logically deduce, if you want to stay clear of evil-intended people, simply pay close attention to the way they act with relation to money (regardless whether they have a lot or a little).  As for myself, I have learned that I can discern everything I need to know about a person by the way they treat, think, and feel with regard to money.  If you love money, it will be the guiding influence of all your decisions - at the expense of everything and everyone else.
"...where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Now, think back to your first job.  You were making minimum wage and after a year your boss calls you in and gives you a 5 cent raise... this was supposed to thrill you.  Money talks, and in my book, 5 cents says you're not appreciated.  In-N-Out Burger's lowest paid employee makes $10 and hour.  No wonder there's always a line to eat there! - apply here - Money talks and when I worked with my friend, film director Ken X, for the first time this principle was once again demonstrated. When we finished our work together, he handed me a check for way more than we had discussed (from his personal funds). When I objected he said, "No man... you were worth it."  A fantastic friendship was born, the highest level of trust obtained, and a desire to stay connected forever - all because of how both of us acted with regard to money. I knew he was someone I wanted to work with for the rest of my life.  Consequently, that initial job lead to us working together a year later in an even greater capacity.

As a Director and Producer myself, one of the most rewarding things I do is pay people.  Sounds crazy, but it feels great to give someone a job - especially when they do their job so well!  I try to uphold a reputation of paying fast and paying well.  I usually can't pay as much as I would like to but my production team knows that if I can I always will.  Recently, I paid my producer a quarter more than he was expecting and when I called him for my next job, which I was embarrassed to offer him because the rate was so low, he said, "Darin, I will work with you on everything.  I know you're always fair."

Of course, nobody is perfect.  To some degree, all of us struggle with some tendency to do evil.  But as for myself, like many of you, I seek to overcome evil and in my efforts to do so, I have found it eminently helpful to associate with people seeking to do the same.  
"Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company." - President George Washington
If you subscribe, as I do, to what George said, then you will want to avoid associating with evil-inclining people.  If we look through the ages and even to the present time, money and power have been the motivations of nearly every tyrant the world has ever known.  Money and power always seem to go together because, if you think about it, there's nothing in this world that can't be purchased with money; so the more money you have, the more "powerful" you become theoretically. It's important to note here that power, like money, is not an inherently evil thing.  In fact, I can't really think of anything that is inherently evil. All things have their purpose, which purpose can be used to benefit and serve others or to oppress and harm others, including, and perhaps especially, ourselves.  Weeds are only evil when they find their way into your garden.

So how can we apply this character-revealing principle to elections?  - Enter Mitt Romney -  Although he doesn't make the Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans list, a net worth of between $190 and $250 million, isn't exactly pocket change.  So Romney has money - once again, not an inherently bad thing.  Now, for the test which can be applied to all - rich and poor - how does Mitt treat, think, and feel with regard to money?  First of all, he has sought and worked very hard to obtain a lot of it - not a bad thing, in fact as the principle goes:
"And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted."
Jacob 2:19; The Book of Mormon; Another Testament of Jesus Christ
Yesterday, I made the following facebook post, and everyone's response of sharing and liking it inspired my blog post today:
"Don't expect mainstream media to tell you the TRUTH regarding Mitt Romney's save of the 2002 Olympics. This TRUE account is the most impressive demonstration of skill, selfless service, and LACK of greed we have ever seen from a Presidential candidate, 'When he took the job, Romney said he would accept the offered salary of $250,000 a year only if the Olympics made a profit. When it did, HE TURNED HIS SALARY OVER TO CHARITY... AND... CONTRIBUTED $1 MILLION to the games.':
Now talk bad about him, just try. What are they going to say "He's too charitable?! He's just so rich he wants to show off!" Don't believe the lies. 
The referenced article continues:
"Having faced a budget deficit of $379 million when he took over, Romney ended up with a surplus of $56 million. The money went to fund future Olympics. (not to Romney's pocketbook!)"
Regarding Romney's Governorship, which was exceptional, he did not take a salary during his entire term!  As if this wasn't enough, when Romney was head of Bain Capital, he did one of the most extraordinary and character-revealing things I have ever seen a Presidential candidate do (granted this was BEFORE he was running for President when the eyes of the nation were not upon him):
"... few know that in July 1996, the 14-year-old daughter of Robert Gay, a partner in Bain Capital, disappeared. As it turned out, she had attended a rave party in New York City and had become high on ecstasy.
Romney took immediate action. He closed down the entire firm and asked all 30 partners and employees to fly to New York to try to find Gay’s daughter. Romney set up a command center at the LaGuardia Marriott. He hired a private detective firm to assist with the search. He established a toll-free number for tips, coordinating the effort with New York City police.
Romney enlisted employees of Bain Capital’s accounting firm and its law firm in New York to put up posters with a photo of the missing teenager. Cashiers at Duane Reade Pharmacies, owned by Bain Capital, stashed fliers with her photo in every shopper’s bag. 
Romney and others from Bain Capital trudged through Manhattan, even scouring Central Park, and talked with everyone they could — prostitutes, drug addicts — to try to develop leads.
The hunt made the evening news, which ran photos of the girl and video of investment banker types prowling through Central Park in three-piece suits. The next day, a teenage boy she was with phoned in and asked if there was a reward. The boy got nervous and quickly hung up, but police traced the call to a home in Montville Township, N.J. 
When they found her in the basement of that home, Gay’s daughter was shivering through detox after a massive dose of ecstasy. His daughter probably would not have lasted another day, doctors told him.
The fact is Romney saved the young girl’s life, but you will not see that story in the mainstream media. Instead of Bain Capital’s more than a hundred success stories that put food on the table for American families, you will see articles on the handful of instances when Bain had to shutter the doors of companies it acquired because they were losing money."
Full Article HERE

In case you are in doubt that someone can be so generous and selfless and think this story was a hoax, here is Politifact verifying it as true.  It is so hard to know what is true when CNN, ABC, CB.S., MSNBC, and the like are cramming down our throats that Romney is a rich greedy snob who hates poor people and fires helpless employees (who were already losing their jobs!).  A recent study was published, which showed that Romney has received far more negative media than he has positive - 78% negative vs. only 22% positive!  In fact, Romney is the only candidate who had more negative reports than positive.  Even Newt Gingrich had more positive media than negative, despite his colorful claims of media bias against him.

I conclude with this story, a first-hand look at Romney's serviceable, hard-working nature (when no Press was watching!).  After the wild fires of 2007, Romney personally assisted (taking a break from his campaign!) one home owner who needed assistance:
Mitt Romney working hard with a crowbar!
"There are several things I remember about this day. I remember Mitt’s focus and work ethic. Our friend bought us breakfast burritos, but Mitt politely declined citing his desire to, '..make some progress first.' I remember moments of ingenuity (Mitt used a crowbar to pry apart cuts in the wood helping our dull chainsaws be more effective). I remember the look on a neighbors face as they passed by walking their dog. Was that really Governor Mitt Romney chopping at his neighbors stump?
For me the morning was a microcosm of what I envision a Mitt Romney presidency would be like. Every morning showing up early and ready to work, quickly assessing the challenges of the day, tackling them head on with a heavy dose of hard work and ingenuity, and leavings things in much better shape than he found them.
It has been said that our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. Notably, on this morning there were no bright lights or press corp. And as the prolific sweat on his cotton shirt would attest to, this was no token visit to merely score political points. Mitt had come to work and to serve. If America decides to offer Mitt Romney the privilege of being president, I know we’ll be getting a man character; one that not only talks the talk, but walks the walk."
Full Article HERE 
Now you may be able to see why it is that I cried, yes I wept, when Mitt Romney gave his victory speech in Florida.  He is a symbol of hope.  He is a symbol of the American dream of hard work.  Mitt Romney believes, as I do, our country is greater than Obama's "fundamental transformation of America".  As much as I hate to watch this man, I post it here to inspire you in to remove him in November:

Now watch Mitt & Ann Romney's FL victory speech - tell me they're not our next President and First Lady:

Watch how many people Romney calls out by name after his speech - he remembers people!
Here is a better link that shows Ann as well (won't let me emed here):

Mitt Romney is the most exceptional candidate this country has ever seen run for President.  I repeat, I don't care what mainstream media reports on this man.  He is truly exceptional.  Why?  Because Mitt Romney doesn't love money... OR power.

I believe this nation must repent, yes I said repent, for electing a man who hates America, Barrack Obama.  And if we do, and concentrate all our efforts on electing a moral man to the Presidency, we will see our nation prosper once again as the leader of the free world.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are the ONLY candidates who have not had ethics charges brought against them - in my mind it's either Romney or Paul.  Of the two, Mitt is the only one who can beat Obama - and he will.  I also have it on good faith that Romney will decline his Presidential salary!


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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Political Perfection

I need to say, I was like many, who bought into Rick Santorum's sincere, poor guy (of the people) approach. I started losing respect for him early in the debates, however, upon investigating all his accusations against Romney and found most of them to be completely untrue, or like most political rhetoric, blown completely out of context and proportion.  It wasn't until recently, however, that I have lost all respect for him as a Presidential candidate.  As if we needed more lobbying, Santorum's voting record left me confused to say the least.  Like all the rest, except for Mitt Romney, Santorum has only been in the spotlight for a short time before his past has begun casting well-founded doubt on his electability.

I made the following facebook post today and I wanted to blog about a comment that I received on it:

"Pay close attention, Santorum in 2008 said "if you are conservative... if you are a Republican, there is really only one place to go and that's Mitt Romney." Santorum also praised Romney for his defense of traditional marriage as being "tremendously helpful on this issue" and a "tremendous asset early on". How stark this is to his railing on Romney has the author of same-sex marriage in today's debates!! 

See what a (cum laude) graduate of Harvard Law School had to say about Santorum's rant

And here is Romney boldly testifying before the Supreme Court of Massachusetts on their ruling:

Santorum is a lying, self-serviing person who smiles at his friends and when they turn around he STABS them in the back, all so he can get elected - very uncool, dirt bag thing to do! You can't rewrite history (especially when you only have to go back to 2008!!). What floors me is that Romney has not brought up Santorum's 2008 endorsement in the debates... why would Romney not bring this up?? Because he doesn't stab his friends in the back, he is a bigger man than Santorum or Gingrich. Romney is our next President, he has withstood the sunlight, Santorum will fade quickly, by his own hand!

Listen to Santorum's passionate endorsement for Romney in 2008 (make sure and listen to the end)

So what happened to "Nice Guy" Rick?? I'll tell you what, he became a millionaire just 6 years after losing the senate - through lobbying or "cashing in", got himself some lasik surgery to look prettier (and gained the title "The Honorable Rick Santorum", and became the all-new, running-for-President Rick.  Rick has changed but Romney has not. Rick's "poor" "humble" guy card against big rich Mitt doesn't hold any water. Since when is a millionaire considered poor in this world?! Santorum is as Gingrich to me!"

Notice Santorum's nice specs in this one (before new Lasik Rick). Here he hails Romney, while campaigning with him in 2008.

Here's another gem from the debates where Santorum doesn't even let Mitt speak about his health plan - reality check... Santorum ENDORSED Romney's health plan (in fact ALL but 2 representatives voted FOR the plan):

There were many comments of disgust on my facebook wall for Rick's behavior but there was also this one:
"(Santorum)'s a politician, welcome to "supporting the party." Mitt's not any better, though, he's just as two faced. Unfortunately, nobody has gotten as far as they have in politics without playing kissy face with whomever they need to for their personal advancement. I'm still not comfortable supporting Romney, because I feel like he's still playing kissy face with voters instead of revealing who he really is. I'm sick of his poll-supported answers."

This got me thinking.  First, we need to establish unequivocally that nobody who runs for the office of President is perfect.  In fact, at minute 5:47 in Rick's Romney Endorsement video (above), the radio host says, "You know people are wishing for these perfect candidates..." She then continued to praise Romney "...but on the issue of national security and on this issue of traditional marriage Romney stood up and he fought the forces of this evolutionary approach."  Romney, by is own (frequent) self-admission, acknowledges he is not perfect. Unlike Gingrich, who refuses to acknowledge any of this flaws.  Gingrich, in fact, celebrates his flaws saying they make him more "normal" than Mitt's boring life.  While acknowledging imperfections of the candidates, we must also acknowledge that nobody just skates into the White House without playing the "game" to some degree.  As with business, so it is with politics; you have to tailor your message (or your rhetoric in the case of politics) to the needs of your customers (the people). Of course, in everything, there is moderation; except for Newt, who obviously missed the moderation memo when he promised a space colony on the moon to the people of Florida (where Florida's Kennedy Space Center recently laid off 5500 contracted employees!).  On a side note, if you didn't see when Romney finally called Newt out on all his irresponsible promises at the FL debate, catch it here - it was priceless!

 (specifically at minute 54)

Now, back to the "game" of politics.  Has Romney tailored his rhetoric, as any astute business man would?  Of course he has.  We should expect nothing less from such a capable leader, but he has not done so to any extreme.  To achieve any success in this world, one must learn to network, to make friends (and keep them, unlike Santorum); to build relationships in other words.  Romney is a master networker - he still meets every year with his old Harvard study group.  After he lost the nomination in 2008, he continued to campaign with his fellow republicans helping to get them elected (making friends and networking with this peers).  Governor Nikki Haley was one of them, for example, and now she has come to his side and endorsed him for President.  There is nothing wrong with this.  "I help you, you help me" and so the world turns, as long as it is done without lobbying for money as with both Gingrich and Santorum. I just spoke with my good friend in the entertainment business today (he works with the Hollywood big shots) who said he wanted to help my career any way that he could... in the same breath he confessed, his interests were somewhat self-serving, as he knew I belonged to the upcoming generation of film makers and if I "make it" he hoped I would remember his kind assistance, which I absolutely would.  But, some people expect a political figure to rise to prominance and walk into the White House without making friends and scratching some backs.  Well, on the issue of playing " kissy face" with the voters, I would too in some degree.  Romney's every word is scrutinized by the wolves who lie in wait to take them and twist them into something they're not.  The latest one was when he said, he was "not concerned about the very poor".  Of course, if that's all you quote it sounds outrageous!  But, in context, what he said was, "I’m in this race because I care about Americans... I’m not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I’ll fix it... I’m not concerned about the very rich, they’re doing just fine. I’m concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling and I’ll continue to take that message across the nation."  Context is a wonderful thing.  If I were Romney, I would tread somewhat lightly too.  The microscope of national attention in a Presidential race is an experience most of us have not encountered.  We would be wise, myself included, not to cast too harsh of judgement.

Mitt isn't perfect, but Jack Welch says he's "the most qualified leader to ever run for President"

Finally, lest we think our founding fathers were exceptions to the "nobody's perfect" rule, the "game" started with our first President, Washington (it was played in his behalf, not by him); the votes were made to appear unanimous but they were not in fact.  Then there was Thomas Jefferson.  Though respectable in so many regards, this same man hired a slanderer to destroy John Adams' reputation (who was President at the time) and that's how Jefferson stole the election.  This temporarily extinguished their close friendship, but John was the bigger man, who reached out to Jefferson while in their aging years to rekindle the friendship they once shared.  Because of John's kind efforts, they became close friends once again, ultimately dying on the same day, not ironically, July 4th (Independence Day) 1826.

I end with another comment from my facebook post:
"I agree that Romney is working hard to get elected and that may mean not revealing his "true self". However, I think who he REALLY is is even better than what he is portraying himself as. I think he will be our best president in ages, but first he has to get through these primaries."

With that, here's a note from a personal family friend of the Romney's: Mitt Romney: Too good to be trusted?

I believe the people in this country are smart enough to see past the smoke screen cast around Romney.  Rick has only escaped the dirt because he hasn't been in the spotlight long enough to be tried.  Now, it's his turn and as you can see, he's got way more "problems" than Mr. Romney.  The fact that Romney has survived (with flying colors) all of the accusations brought against him, says he is the strongest candidate we have to face Obama and take back our country.  All the other candidates have bounced in and out of the spotlight but Romney has been in the hot sun the whole race as the "inevitable" nomination and yet still he stands.

I pray we are blessed enough to elect a man as capable and prepared as Mitt Romney. I pledge my support behind him, as I have since 2008. If we are fortunate enough to see him remove Obama, we will witness the administration one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever seen.  As with our founding fathers, I too exclaim "God Save The United States of America."


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rumors from Peculiarity

I woke up this morning thinking of an experience I went through when I was in high school.  I recalled it vividly and I felt impressed to start this blog (my first attempt at this).  I don't have grandiose (Gingrich) visions of millions reading what I write, but I know I have things to say and write that will be of use to someone somewhere.

The experience I write of is one I went through when I was a Junior in high school and involves a girl named Natalie.  I wouldn't presume to say I was popular in high school but I will say this - people knew who I was and knew what I stood for.  I had a frequent habit that was quite uncontrollable (at least for me) to stand up for what I felt was right and true... I just couldn't help it. When opportunities to oppose negative influences arose, it seemed all I could do to follow my heart and defend it's opposite.  In a public high school where drugs, sex, and unkindness were frequent items of interest, there was much opportunity to stand against evil (yes I do believe there is good and there is evil). Having said this, I make no claims to have been a perfect kid by any means.  I had my issues, but generally I always tried to be good and my junior year of high school was a defining year for me personally.  While I was experiencing a dramatic spiritual awakening in my life of coming to know my Savior in a personal way, many of my friends fell into drugs and other self-destructive behavior, to my immense sadness.

Now, Natalie was a very beautiful young lady.  She was a sophomore but she was so beautiful that she drew the attention of many of the seniors (including one of our star football players who she dated after dating me).  Well, word came down the pipe that she had the hots for me (or whatever) and I thought she was cute too so we did what you do in high school we "hooked up" (I feel ridiculous telling this story but it has a very good point so keep reading). There was the typical hand holding and hugging and all that (I know what you're thinking - "that's all you did!?"). Yes that's all we did. I was very careful not to get involved in too much physical expression when I was in high school. With very few exceptions, the expression of physical emotions in high school has a tendency to lead to deeper and deeper expressions of the same (a kiss turns to making out - making out turns to further expressions of emotion, and before you know it you've slept together).  Of course I realize this view of restraining physical affection is not understood by most of the world and certainly not by "Hollywood".  I don't care what people think, experience and history are on my side... we already have too many teen pregnancies!  So anyways, Natalie got kind of board that we weren't doing much besides hugs and holding hands.  I remember us talking about it and I expressed to her as earnestly as I could that I just didn't feel right about going further and I just wanted to take things really slow that way.  I loved being with her but it seems the pressure in high school comes less from what you should do and more from what your friends say you should do. Inevitably her friends were asking what kind of action she was getting and she didn't have much to tell them.  At any rate, after expressing my desires to keep things low key in the physical affection arena, Natalie (again, she was younger than me and therefore gave me the "lead" in the "relationship") said she was totally cool with not kissing and keeping the physical affection thing under control.  Well, after just a few days, I started feeling sick about it.  This is perhaps the strangest thing of all to most people and I can't explain it other than the fact that I just couldn't go on the way things were.  I had to break it off, I just felt sick about being in a steady relationship when I was only 17.  It just wasn't time.  I will insert here that this sick feeling was something I had felt before and felt again after this occasion whenever I was in a steady (exclusive) relationship as a teenager - I could never have one for more than a few weeks before I just got sick inside spiritually and I know it was a spiritual thing because the moment I broke up with them I felt an enormous weight (nearly tangible) lifted from me.  I always tried to follow these feelings.

Well, after I broke it off with Natalie, the strangest thing happened (which I have since found is not so strange).  Natalie was totally confused because she had just told me she was ok with how things were progressing physically.  But shortly (and almost immediately) following her confusion, she became very angry.  She was so mad that I "dumped" her that she began to propagate terrible, completely unfounded, rumors about me.  She told people I must be gay because I didn't want to kiss her.  To me, it was so outrageous that someone would say such things, knowing myself.  I have never been attracted to men and frankly the thought of it then (and still today) made me ill (This is the unbridled truth and we still have free speech in the USA so leave me alone:/).  Natalie was a supermodel and if nothing else that is precisely why I was SO concerned about expressing physical affection with her - to put it another way, she was freakin HOT.  Anyway, I have always thought it interesting that she spread these rumors about me but I know why she did it.  She didn't understand that someone actually felt like too much intimacy too soon at such a young age was not desirable.  She didn't understand that I was bound by a higher law than myself and that I was seeking to follow what I felt was true and right.  My way of life, my feelings, my beliefs were peculiar (or strange) to her and because she didn't understand them she spread the vilest rumors about who I was.  My feelings on this important matter of bridling physical affections served me well and, though imperfect as I am, I was a virgin when I wed my amazing wife, and she was too for that matter.  What a blessing this was to both of us.  So much happens in life and many lose this precious gift before they marry but I will forever be grateful (without sense of egotism) that my wife and I saved the most sacred part of our emotions for each other.  Had I known how wonderful my wife Michelle would be, waiting for her would not have been an act of faith and I can tell you with surety, good things do come to those who wait.  Michelle is my best friend and I love her second only to my Savior.

The experience with Natalie years ago led me to my next thought, which was Mitt Romney.  I have found it strange that so many false rumors are propagated about this man.  So many, in fact, that it is literally a full time job to research and get to the bottom of them all.  I know because I took the time to do just that and you know what I found?  He is not this evil person people make him out to be.  He is not the rich out-of-touch greed monger that Obama, Gingrich, and others have demonized him to be. Everything from his religion (which is the most heinous and unconstitutional of all his attacks), to his success have been criminalized to no end.  It is egregious indeed, in the land of promise and opportunity of the USA, that people would seek to tear down success, hard work, and determination (this mentality smacks of Obamaville, NOT of the America I know). I also find it interesting that in spite of all the vicious attacks Romney continues to surge forward, a fact that gives me great hope in the American people to see through the smoke screen, the most prepared man to ever run for President.  I have made it a point to search out articles on this man that were written by (or about) those who were close to him.  From the students in his study group at Harvard (who he still meets with once a year for dinner!) to close neighbors and friends, they all say the same thing about him.  He is a very driven, principled person, who doesn't give up easily and is the same person at home that he is in the public eye.  He is a fighter, he is a positive optimist, and he is like all those other successful people who started with nothing and made there way to achieve great success.  We'll notice, upon reading personal success biographies, they all seem to have similar qualities: drive, hard work, don't give up, principled, goal-oriented, etc. - and that's Romney to the core. He's been married (and faithful!) to the same woman for 42 years (Gingrich thinks this makes Romney "less Normal"), raised 5 upstanding sons and has a record of success as a leader in both private and public sectors.  Romney is also one of the most generous people of wealth in the USA, giving a whopping 15% of his income to charity (compare to only 1% that Obama gave last year!) - something he does NOT go around flaunting (unlike Gingrich, who released his tax returns in the middle of the SC debate on national television, specifically calling attention to all his and Callista's "charitable donations" - mind if I PUKE!?).  Romney also never speaks of his JD/MBA he obtained in the top of his class from Harvard - while raising 2 and 3 young boys!

Some may dismiss my words upon learning of who I support "politically", however, those same individuals should be reminded (and find comfort in) the fact that I do not seek acceptance nor do I seek to be popular and I would argue firmly that those driven by power and popularity are the very people you should avoid like the plague - i.e. Gingrich and Obama... those are good examples. Unfortunately, if you are like me, you know you can tell a lot about a person by who they support politically.  Like attracts like and I am proud to support Romney, who embodies the American dream of success that we all hope to obtain and only will obtain through planning, hard work, discipline, generosity, and gratitude.

Negative influence is so intrusive and invasive in our lives, and has a habit of presenting itself as the "popular" thing to do, to the point of silencing those who would present alternative (positive) influence. I belief, in a day of unbridled passions and self-indulgence, we must stand all the more firm and (at times) blunt for good.  The lesson from all this is don't be quick to believe the rumors, look into it for yourself until you get to the truth.  As for Gingrich I looked into him long enough to see his history and past associations (of people who were close to him) speak volumes about his character and how he would comport himself if he were to "obtain" the white house.


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